Republic Refund plan and legacy phone with international travel


I have a Moto G 1 and the Republic Refund plan. I will be traveling in Europe for 2 weeks in October. I understand that I should change my plan to talk and text only. Can I do that before the end of this billing cycle? If I do that can I change back to the Refund plan when I return?
Thank you


Hi @marciaw,

When travelling internationally with the Moto G1, we recommend that you switch to the Wi-Fi only ($5) plan. This will prevent your text messages from failing to cell (which is unavailable overseas) and timing out permanently.

Plan changes on the refund plan do take place on the billing cycle date.


@southpaw has the correct answer but I would still look over the following blog


Thank you. My billing cycle date will be at the end of my trip, so if I use the Anywhere app that should work shouldn’t it?


It will help I getting your texts and prevent them from getting lost on the Sprint network