Republic Refund Plans -- Can I still use them with an old phone?


Hello and thank you in advance for the help!

I just purchased a sim card & have never used Republic Wireless before, so forgive me if these are stupid questions…

I am wondering if I purchase an older-model Republic Wireless phone, (specifically a Moto E 1st Gen) if I will still be able to use my new SIM card I just ordered in it? Will the price still be $10 a month (+taxes) or will it be $15?


Yes, you will be able to use the refund plan with the Moto E (1st Gen). That is not a very powerful phone. If you are interested in a better used phone look for a used Moto X (2nd Gen). All of the older phones that have SIMs come with a SIM unique to that phone’s MEID. The SIM you purchased (presumably an RW SIM) can only be used in the new RW phones.


Are you certain this is accurate?

I messaged a seller on EBay with the same question, and he said NO. He said that you have to be grand-fathered in and already have the old SIM Card. The phone did not include the old-version of the SIM Cards.

99% of the Moto X 2nd Gen phones I’ve seen for sale do not include any SIM cards with the purchase.


The older, legacy model phones can be reactivated, and will use the Refund plans. The exception being the Defy XT, which can no longer be reactivated. Just be certain you are buying a phone previously used with Republic Wireless, as an unlocked model will not work.

If the seller can include the SIM that makes the activation easier. There is no personal information stored on those phone model SIM cards. Support can supply a new one, but that requires opening a help ticket after buying the phone.


99% of Moto X 2nd Gen. phones for sale on the secondary market are not built for Republic’s network. Republic’s legacy phones (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 and X2) use modified Android operating systems and were built specifically for Republic’s blended WiFi/cell network. Any previously used legacy phone you were to acquire must be represented as Republic specific and not to work on any other network. Republic offers guidance here: Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help.

If one is selling a previously used Republic legacy phone, any SIM in the phone should be included. There is no personal or service information on that SIM. Its’ sole purpose is 4G cell data access. In fairness to sellers, including the SIM when selling a previously used phone is contrary to the advice of every secondary marketplace I’m familiar with. Republic’s legacy phones are an exception to the rule if you will.

@michellen is correct that Republic support can provide the needed SIM if the seller fails to do so and that previously used legacy phones activate on these plans: Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund – Republic Help.

@billg is correct that the BYOP Republic SIM you purchased will not work with a previously used legacy Republic phone. That SIM will work only with Republic’s newer 3.0 phones: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help.


It would be very helpful to the seller if you would point him/her to this thread. Clearly he/she is misinformed.


If using one of the legacy phones, do they still use the T-Mobile towers?

Is service quality much poorer with the Republic Refund plans?


Hi @johnw.p9hkrw,

Republic’s legacy phones are provisioned with Sprint exclusively. In my experience, the service quality between legacy and 3.0 phones is equivalent (good for me) presuming Sprint has good coverage where one is located.


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