Republic Refund Replacement phone?

What phone do you have? Moto G 3rd generation Or Moto E 2nd Generation

What plan are you on? Republic Refund

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? All

Issue Description

We have several of our old phones that are broken and I am wondering if anyone has a way we can get a different one of these older phones in order to keep our older Republic Refund plan? I have a number of phones, so keeping the cheaper plan is ideal for us.
thanks for any suggestions.

You can look for them on sites like eBay or Swappa. The phones that can keep the Refund Plan are the Republic specific versions of the Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 and E2.

A few warnings.

  1. The last phone made was the Moto G3, last sold June 2016. Because of this batteries are old, and phones may be unreliable.

  2. Because of the demand for these Refund phones they tend to sell for far more than a phone that age is actually worth. It may be worth examining how much the actual cost plan difference is versus what you’re paying for a 3-6 year old phone and if it is really worth it.

  3. Because these phones are stuck on Android 5.1, more and more apps are no longer working with these phones. In particular bank/financial apps are quickly becoming incompatible.

  4. Coverage with these phones is decreasing. The main roaming partner for these phones is Verizon. They roam on Verizon 2G & 3G. By the end of 2019 the Verizon 2G and 3G networks will be gone. Roaming coverage will become largely non-existent with these phones.


This is very helpful information. There was a time when I was roaming and I didn’t understand why since I had never had that happen before. It was even just for my calls so when driving in that area, I was unable to make a call, which is a safety issue for me.
And I have had trouble with some apps, of course with my limited space on the phone, I don’t add many of those any way.
I very much appreciate your time in helping me make this decision.


to add to @louisdi point 4 it’s not just Verizon shutting down 2G/3G CDMA networks other smaller roaming carriers are also and it will not be long before Sprint does so (a few years ago they said about 2022, and if Merger with T-Mobile goes though I can see this being moved up about a year after the merger (end of 2020?) ) (this will be the end of life for the Legacy phones and active Beta Phones as once the CDMA 2G network is down there no Cell Voice network for them) so one has to ask how much are they willing to pay for a phone with an end of life just around the corner

so I have been looking at the new Motorola phones to go with a new one. I have a very limited budget and it has to be under $200, closer to $150 would be better. I was going to get the Moto e but I found it has a 8 MP camera. I am used to a 13 MP so I don’t think I want to go down that far on the camera MPs.
I see there is a Motorola moto g⁵ˢ plus but it is sold out on the Republic site. I can get it from Motorola but the “bring your own phone” list says that even if it is on the list, it might not work depending.
So I’m really lost about “bring your own” and have wasted most of 2 days researching phone reviews and such … I think I prefer a Motorola but if anyone has a suggestion I would love the help.

Hi @janelle.bku4gn,

A Moto G5S Plus sourced from Motorola is Republic compatible. Here’s a direct link:

You will need a new SIM. So that we point you to one with appropriate coverage for your area, would you be willing to share a zip code (nothing more)?

Hi @janelle.bku4gn,

At this moment, I’m sitting at a desk piled with B-stock (customer-returned, like-new) phone cases, including several of the Incipio NGP Pure Clear flexible impact-resistant case (in clear or black) for the Moto G5S+. Please let me know if you decide to order the G5S+ from Motorola for your next Republic phone and I’d be glad to send you a case to go with it.


Yes, I will definitely remember the cases if I go with that phone ! I will need one and that is something that would take me another couple of days to “find” !

I had the G5S Plus in mind, I’m hoping it is a good phone for an older model.
my zip is 67062

I noticed that there are cheaper deals in other places besides the Motorola web site, but then again, how is one confident that the phone is compatible ?
I certainly don’t need more issues and I am very appreciative of the help. Since the list is clear there are other factors besides just the model of the phone involved. I could probably figure it out, but it is becoming time consuming. thank you !

Given your price point, I think it would be an excellent choice and I guarantee the one I linked at Motorola is Republic compatible.

Thank you for being willing to share that. At the risk of introducing more confusion, please do not buy Republic’s standalone bring your own SIM. Without going into technical detail (I will if you would like), the coverage attached to Republic’s standalone bring your own SIM is a poor fit for your area.

To get a SIM that offers the same coverage as your current Republic phone, do this instead:

You would want to wait until you settle on which phone you choose to acquire as CDMA SIMs come in multiple flavors depending upon phone model.

In terms of guaranteeing compatibility, buying at Motorola’s website is send best only to buying from Republic and at your price point, I’m sorry to say Republic currently has nothing to offer in its store.

If you’d like the Community’s input on other possibilities, please post the link(s) to other options you are considering. Many folks here are quite good at discerning compatibility.

Thank you very much for all of this information.
I am going to consider it and may not have a chance to go forward for a couple of days but I most likely will get this phone.
I may have more questions about how to order that SIM card once I have it coming. I still have to see the total with shipping and taxes, but I did find a 10% off coupon which should help.
thanks again for all of your help

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I decided to go ahead and get this recommended phone and have it ordered ! I would love to have a case for it. I need a good case to help protect it from drops as I some times do. Let me know how to get you my address for the case ! :slight_smile:

I decided to purchase the Moto you linked me to on that site. I have it on the way now !
So now to order my SIM card … thank you for helping me find the correct one. Can you send a link?

Hi @janelle.bku4gn,

There is no link to order the SIM you need per se. Please open a ticket with Republic support to request a CDMA SIM for your soon to be arriving Moto G5S plus. The process is described here: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help.

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Hi @janelle.bku4gn,

Congrats on selecting a phone and making the order! I know sometimes I labor over a decision like that and then am so relieved when I finally just go ahead and make the purchase. I’ve been trying to decide on a desk chair since December!!

If you haven’t already opened that help ticket as Roland advised, let’s just skip that step. I can include the SIM card with the case I’m going to mail you.

I’ll follow up in a few minutes with a personal message (one that’s not publicly visible in our Community) to get your address.

Nice, I did finally get the ticket opened, but had struggles since I had been logged out and it wouldn’t send the first 4 times … but it will be easier if you include it…thanks. in my time zone, time for bed now but I’ll look for your message tomorrow after work (11 hours)
thanks a million !!

Ok, I’ll reply in your ticket since you’ve already got that open. Sorry to see the ticket was difficult to open. :crying_cat_face:

maybe … if i can figure out where that is :slight_smile:

You should get the reply by email and can always login here to view your tickets:

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