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I am so frustrated with Republic. I have recommended them to people many times over the years, but I will not be able to do so anymore. I re-upped my annual plan in June, and now two months in I have no phone service. My phone needed a new motherboard. Republic had been made aware of my technical problems in advance. When I attempted to reactivate my phone after the work was complete, the phone reports that it was reported stolen by the owner. I am the owner, and I assure you I never did report the phone stolen. I have submitted multiple help tickets, but I still have no service for the 3rd day. I was told that they would fix it today, but it is 6pm and no dice. When I reached out to the online chat as asked to escalate this to someone who will help me, Gerardo A. left the session abruptly. I understand that my service is pre-paid and they have a policy of no refunds, but I am going to have to pursue one as they have not held their end of the deal. It’s 12 months of service for the price of 10, but I have 0 months for the price of 10. This is affecting my work and my family life as I can’t call anyone or send texts.

Hi @rachelg.9c5mei,

I assure you that the issue before us is not a matter of our team refusing to activate your phone. There are times when it is not possible to activate a phone with one of our cellular partners.

I see that our Help Team advised activating the phone with our GSM SIM card and that you mentioned you had one on hand. Have you given that a try?

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Yuck. Sounds like the phone repairer used a motherboard that didn’t have a clean ESN (electronic serial number).

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I did. I already have a GSM SIM, which they would have known if they read through the history. The first solution before the phone was repaired was to try switching from a GSM sim to the CD kind. I have tried both SIMs multiple times. Trying to mail me another SIM is not going to solve the problem, but it will ensure that I have no service for even longer.

I guess that is a possibility, but what am I supposed to do with that? They are the authorized repair company for google.


And they might well have done so. I’ll admit I have not read back through your entire history, but it’s possible the SIM card is no longer eligible for activation, which is why they would suggest sending another one.

Before the phone was repaired, there was no issue with it being “reported as stolen” right? What we’re trying to accomplish by having you try the GSM SIM card now is not related to whatever you might have been trying to resolve before the motherboard repair.

The timing of doing so needs to be in conjunction with a staff member, not just randomly trying them back and forth.

Do you have the GSM SIM card handy, and if so, could you tell me the ICCID number that’s printed on it? It’ll show up in your post as a bunch of black boxes, most likely, but I can read the number. I’d like to make sure the SIM card is still eligible for activation, then make a change on your account and see if you can activate it.

Thank you for your time. This is more dialogue than I have received yet on this issue. No one has given me any of the information you have provided, they just keep telling me ‘the engineers are working on it.’ I highly doubt this, as no one has initiated any conversation to activate a SIM as you are now. Again, I thank you for that. The ICCID# is {redacted}. I also have the CDMA card here if that becomes helpful.

I never reported the phone as stolen. The original issue was that the phone was unable to read the SIM. A different SIM (CDMA) was sent, which didn’t resolve the problem. Google instructed me to this repair shop. They diagnosed the faulty motherboard and repaired it. The error message about being unable to read the SIM has been resolved, so I think that was the correct diagnosis of the original issue.

Thanks again for your time.

Thanks, @rachelg.9c5mei,

Could you look now at the CDMA SIM card and tell me if the ICCID ends in 43845? If that’s right, please go ahead and try activating the CDMA SIM card, and let me know what happens.

(I know that’s not what I originally suggested we’d do next, but I pulled in some smarter help. :grin:)

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That was right. It has been working on activation for about 20 minutes now. Which way better than giving me an error message!

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Is the phone connected to WiFi?

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Hi @rachelg.9c5mei,

I need to sign off for the night, but will check back in with you first thing in the morning. If the phone activation doesn’t complete within the hour that the app suggests, reboot the phone, and if that doesn’t complete the activation, make sure it’s connected to WiFi and refresh the republic activation with these steps:

I’ll also follow up with you tomorrow in your ticket to further discuss the delay you experienced in getting this issue resolved.


Thank you so much for your help. It’s finally working properly. Sorry for the delay, bath and bedtime for the kids. I look forward to touching base tomorrow.


I’m glad the activation finally completed. I’ve sent you a message in your Help Ticket.


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