Republic sent me a locked phone. How do unlock a phone purchased from Republic?

I purchased a S21 phone from Republic. After the purchase, I learned that this would require me to set up a new account with a whole new e-mail address, which I am not willing to do. Rather than activate the phone through Republic, I signed up for another provider.

Unfortunately, when I tried to enter the SIM card provided by the other provider, I got a message that the phone is locked.

I’m not here to complain that Republic sent me a locked phone; I just want to know how to get it unlocked so that I can use it with the provider of my choice.

How do I unlock the phone that I purchased from Republic?

You’ll need to submit a help ticket asking for the phone to be unlocked.

I don’t have an account under the 5.0 plan. Can I submit a ticket under my existing account (the one that purchased the phone, but is under a 4.0 plan), or do I need to spend $20 to set up a new account so that I can get it unlocked?

Yes you can.

To be clear, Republic’s stated policy is that phones must have been activated in order to be unlocked. Whether they’re either able or willing to waive this requirement isn’t an answer I have, but you should at least be aware.

Thank you. I went ahead and opened the ticket.

Quick follow-up: How long does it normally take for a response?

To be honest, I don’t know. The one ticket I’ve opened this year was answered within 24 hours, but I don’t know about the current ticket situation.

There is nothing “normally” right now on tickets or unlocking. Republic has said it can take up to 2 days to get a phone unlocked, but it seems to be taking a lot longer than that right now (and honestly I’m not clear if anyone has had their phone successfully unlocked).

Hi @fearlessrogues,

It can take up to 5 days, currently, to get a phone unlocked, and you will probably get a reply stating a longer wait time than that, and encouraging you to return the phone instead. You can press forward with the request to unlock. Some initial barriers to the process that resulted in the wording of the reply you’ll likely get have been removed.

Yes, but only a few.

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Well, two days have passed since I submitted the ticket, and I have received no reply yet. 49 hours and counting.

I’ll keep the results of the process posted here.


Hi @fearlessrogues,

Thanks for letting me know your ticket had not received a response. I’ve replied in your ticket.