Republic service down? cant call via WiFi or Cell


What phone do you have?
Moto E4
What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
No data plan, talk & Text only

Issue Description

For a few hours now, I cant make or rec. calls. In fact the RepublicWireless app says it cant connect
to servers. I know my internet/Wifi is fine because web browsing and all other works/connects fine.

I have restarted the phone multiple times with no effect/change.

Also cannot get to the chat to RP rep page on my desktop computer… it times out…


Hi @markr.oas1f7,

There are issues under investigation, however, calling isn’t affected for me. Please see here:

Edited to Add:

Are you seeing any SIM card errors on your phone? You might try powering the phone down, removing then reseating the SIM followed by turning the phone back on.


No SIM errors. Would think that even if SIM had problem that RW app should still work…


There’s an issue with backend systems that may explain what you’re seeing in the Republic app. For that, please follow here:

I do not believe that’s the explanation for your calling issues. I would still suggest reseating the SIM as a starting point.


ok, just pulled battery and reset SIM. Powered up and no change.
RW app cant connect
WiFi status “good” for all else
No Cell status and no RW WiFi connection notice avail for use (for RW calling)


while possible, seems to coincidental that my problems just happened to start
while RW is having some kind of server problems/maint…


If you open the Republic app itself, what do you see? Do you see the Your Phone Info screen with your phone number or something else?


Calling is working for me on multiple Republic phones. According to the banner announcement here in Community calling and text messaging on the phone wouldn’t be affected.


When I open RW app, it never gets to my acct info/status. I get the spinning arrow…
then “Network Unavail”


SMS/texting is working (when I am within WiFi range-I just got a text from a friend (via Anywhere)


The current server issues explain your inability to sign into your account. That’s not what I’m asking you to check. With the republic app open on your phone, tap the Republic arc icon upper left. You should see the Your Phone Info screen and your phone number. You need not be signed into your account. If you don’t see the Your Phone Info screen with your phone number, what do you see?


Dont have the “arc icon” now (or since problem started).
The Anywhere icon is there, and then just WiFi strength/battery level/time on the right


Hi @markr.oas1f7,

Could you tell us what happens when you try to make a call?


“Cellular network not available for voice calls”


How long ago did you activate this phone?


@markr.oas1f7 I think you missed an important step from @rolandh’s suggestion, specifically: “With the republic app open on your phone” So, open the app and THEN tap the Republic Arc icon on the upper left.


Approx 2mo. ago. Got the Moto E4 directly from RW.


The RW arc icon never appears-even when the RW app is open.


Not the Arc in the menu bar. When you open the App, do you see a tab that has the Republic Arc as it’s icon. See the first image here: Republic Wireless 3.0 App – Republic Help



They are asking you to tap the arc icon my red arrow is pointing to.