Republic Shipping Issues?



I ordered a phone on 11/28/18, immediately received a confirmation saying that orders received after 5 PM would ship the next day. The order was confirmed well before 5. It also said I’d receive an email when the phone shipped. I have received no emails and there is no information anywhere (not even in the my account area where it shows the confirmed order) showing shipping status. I paid for 3 day UPS, so it should have arrived today, but it has not. I have put in a help ticket and that was confirmed 8 hours ago, but once again, no information at all, despite the promise of a response within an hour.


First, there’s no delivery on the weekends, so the order wouldn’t have been received on a Sunday no matter when it was ordered. And order placed on the 28th would be expected tomorrow.

That being said, Republic is experiencing a major issue with its logistics supplier that has delayed a number of orders. They’re doing their best to resolve this issue, including having the logistics partner work through the weekend to catch-up, but they are indeed behind so there’s a real chance that there’s been a delay in fulfillment. From what I’ve seen Republic has been upgrading the shipping on delayed orders to get them delivered as close to the original date as possible.


Thanks for your reply. When I was searching posts I saw that fulfillment issues seem to be a recurring problem for Republic. I ordered another phone several months ago and the confirmation email warned that delivery would be postponed by as much as a week., but it was only delayed by a day or two. Under-promising and over-delivering is the way to go to reduce customer frustration.

According to the confirmation email I received, this phone should have been delivered by UPS on Saturday (the third day after it was to be shipped). As it stands, I have no way of checking the status of this order

I can understand fulfillment issues, but the most frustrating part of this has been that I received just one email confirming purchase. That email was vague and promised updates which have not materialized. Checking my Republic account shows I ordered a phone on Wednesday the 28th with three day shipping and absolutely nothing else.

It’s the lack of accurate information (even though it’s promised) that is so frustrating.


There are no weekend deliveries. It is BUSINESS days after shipping which would make the 3rd day tomorrow.


Hi @jeanneg.6mvbvm,

I’m curious where you see a promise that we reply to Help Tickets within an hour? We try very hard to reply as quickly as possible to all our Help requests and we’re currently experiencing a heavy volume of tickets due to Thursday’s outage, which is delaying our response times, but I’m not aware that we indicate replies will be received within an hour. Our help center indicates our response time is within 24 hours.

I’ve just posted an announcement with as many details as I have about the current shipping delays. You can read that here:

This delay is very different from the past delay you experience. If you received a notice in the past of a delay it was because it the item was on back-order. In this case, there is not automated notice because the stock is in inventory, but our automated processes are experiencing issues.

Thanks for bringing the concern to our Member Community. I’m sorry your order has been delayed and if there’s anything further I can answer for you, please let me know.

Editing to add: I’m going to close this topic and ask that others who have questions or concerns about the current shipping delay situation please respond in the Has your order been delayed? Fulfillment center processing issues for November 2018 Announcement so we can focus the conversation in a single location.