Republic sim card transfer



Can the Republic sim card from my dead Moto X be transferred into an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 I might buy (cheaper than Republic website) or will I need to buy a new sim card from republic? Where do I find the price of a new sim card?


That depends on what Moto X you have.
If it is a Moto X 1 or X2, then no, those SIM cards are tied to those phones and are not compatible.

Be-sure the S8 you are purchasing is the correct model that will work with Republic. See Supported phones page.


You an order BYOP SIM card here: Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless

Also note, the new S8 will require use of the current My Choice Plan and will be on the GSM network partner. (if you had the old Legacy phones 2.0 Refund plan, those were on CDMA.) So your coverage may be different.


It was a Moto X Pure. I found an earlier post that indicates my sim card number starting with 89012 should be transferable to the GalaxyS8 (SM-950U1). Fingers crossed…


In that case, it should work.
But it is recommended to get a new SIM for a new phone.


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