Republic Support OPO OnePlus5t


Can any confirm whether republic’s latest plan will work with OPO One Plus5t? I’ve looked around on the forum and the other question on this topic references republic’s lack of support for dual SIM, which the 5t apparently has. However, the Google pixel line of phones also support dual SIM and republic works with these phones.

Please advise. I know someone who wants to get on republic and is looking for a phone recommendation.


It will not work.

This forum post contains detailed info on supported phones.


Hmm, I’m not convinced. How does the republic app determine compatibility? Is it just checking against a list?

And it’s not clear how the list was generated. Are we relying on people to own the phone, check compatibility, and update that list?

EDIT: I see this list comes from the RW list on phones compatible with 4.0


As far as I’m aware it’s a combination of checking the phones model number and version of android. I can guarantee that the One+ phone will not work.

Republic thoroughly tests phones for compatibility with their service so yes the phones are tested. However, the list is not based on users just trying phones.


Here’s the RW BYOP compatibility checker. Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless

I would recommend you accept the inevitable and save your time/thought for something more important. Others, myself included have already tried to use a RW SIM in a non-compatible phone with no joy.



I will just like to add before a phone is add to the list Republic test it to make sure it’s WiFi first Hybrid VOIP/Cell backup works seamlessly with the OEM build of the phone (which is why all phones approved are north American Factory unlock and not the international or other carrier base Versions) , not only does the phone have to work seamlessly but Republic needs a good relationship with the OEM to insure that the phone will continue to work when the OEM does any OS updates


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