Republic Telephony Update -- 28 Sep 17


Phone Brand : Motorola,
Phone Model : Moto X Gen 1
Plan : Base Plan + 0.5 GB Cell Data
Plan Data : Do you have data on cell Yes

Issue Description

Moto X gen 1 phone would not connect to wifi – at ;home, at work, or anywhere else following the RW Telephony upgrade installed on 9/28/2017. The wifi setting would immediately return to “off” after swiping to “on.”

Phone did not connect after reboot or clearing the cache. Uninstalling the recent update restored wifi capability.

It sounds simple, but consumed hours of troubleshooting, rebooting, phone activatons.

There’s apparently a bug in the latest RW telephony code – as least for Moto X Gen 1 phones. When will it be safe to install another update?

Does your Bluetooth also not stay on? They are the same radio. Typically if the radio died then both will not stay turned on.

Both WiFi and Bluetooth were disengaging, but it appears to be a software
and not an antenna problem. Uninstalling the RW Telephony update resolved
the problem last night. I’ve had to reboot a couple of times today, buy sm
responding now via wifi email on my phone.

now add it back to see if the issue returns. Most of these type of issues are not a bug but just the phone got in some state during the upgrade and can’t get out of it.

Thanks, Sean. Added back the upgrade. Phone connects to wifi, but needs
frequent reboots to reconnect after losing sight of available networks.

I doubt it is a bug with the app or we would be crushed in support. Sounds like some app is dueling with the telephone app.

Have you tried this in Safe Mode?

Just tried safe mode. It induced my original problem of immediately
disconnecting from wifi. Took 2-3 reboots to recover. Still need to
periodically reboot to regain wifi connection.


Wifi connectivity deteriorated to the point where the phone won’t connect
at all. After removing applications and disabling Bluetooth, I reet the
phone to factory specs. It’s clear now that the wifi antenna is shot, so I
ordered a new Moto Z Play, it should arrive sometime on Monday.

Thanks for your guidance and assistance,



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