Republic users are unable to call/text my iPhone


What phone do you have? iPhone

What plan are you on? Verizon

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? both

Issue Description

I just recently switched from Republic to Verizon. My family is on Republic and cannot send me text messages or call me. They can call/text others on iPhones so it has something to do with my phone number, I assume. What settings need to be adjusted to fix this issue?


Did the number transfer complete less than 72 hours ago? There is a period of dual service which usually is resolved within 72 hours of successful transfer.


To add to the info provided by @jedi_n,

  • Can you call &/or text your family members?
  • Are they (family members) using the supported messaging apps?
    • :messages: Google Messages (aka Android Messages) or :anywhere: Republic Anywhere


Hi @chawhat,

If the issue persists beyond the 72-hours @jedi_n has mentioned (your RW phone would still be receiving the RW calls and texts during that period), please open a ticket. This would be an issue that needs the attention of our engineers, rather than something that could be solved by adjusting settings on the phone.


The transfer was complete on October 24. I can receive text from Republic customers if it’s a group text. It has something to do with the MMS and SMS settings, but I can’t figure out what.


As @southpaw mentions, this isn’t likely a settings issue. SMS (regular text messaging) and MMS (group and picture messaging) follow different paths. Opening a ticket, so the engineers can look at the back end routing is the best path forward.


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