Republic was useless during/after Irma!


Republic was kind enough to give me 2Gb of extra data for hurricane Irma. However, their service absolutely did not work (calls or data). Not sure if T-Mobile prioritized their customers. But, Republic service was complete failure when you needed it most!!! Thank goodness internet is back up.


Hi @pegasus,

I’m very sorry to read that you lost cellular connectivity during the height of the storm, but I do hope you, your family, and the possessions you value are safe. Please open a support ticket if you should continue to experience connectivity issues.


I’m sorry to hear that. I hope all of your family is safe and sound. If you were in the Miami area, there is a big outage there. This website has a list of all outages for all sorts of things. You can do a search through your browsers find feature, usually CTL F


Glad you’re safe and alive enough to be grumpy. Most, if not all, cellular service providers in Florida had service issues due to Irma, the worst hurricane ever to hit the state. The service issues would have been due to electrical outages and tower/antenna damage.


Beachb - Seriously - grumpy!! Do you have real experience/data to back up your claim or are you just making general statement based on watching the news from some other state? I drove around for an hour today and everyone else I ran into had service - even Metropcs although they did go out but came back online. Am I to believe that T-Mobile was still offline or was Republic restricted? Possible I guess but Republic would sometimes say I was connected to t-mobile service - but would not complete calls.
I have been with Republic since beta and one of their biggest supporters/promoters. But, ever since their move to T-Mobile, I almost always have trouble when traveling unless in a large city. I tolerated that even while debating if savings was worth it. But, unless you wish to prove me wrong, they were not dependable when the chips were down (or at least worse that any other provider that I saw during Irma).


Same problem for me. Service did not work at all. Comcast internet was down also. My area was not hit hard and never lost power. I have to agree “Republic service was a complete failure when you needed it most.”


My service worked surprisingly fine and I’m in Cape Coral, I was able to keep in touch with my family up north no problem. Thank you Republic for the 2 GB of data. LOVE YOU GUYS!


I think the reality of a situation like Hurricane Irma is that folks experience will vary depending upon location. I’m roughly 10 miles inland from Pompano Beach on South Florida’s east coast. Talk and text messaging remained solid for me even at the height of the storm. Internet access was painfully slow to non-existent, likely the result of many more folks in my area than usual wanting to get online and (to some extent) overwhelming the same websites (social media, news and weather).

For what it’s worth, I have Republic phones provisioned with T-Mobile and phones on T-Mobile proper in my household. There was no difference in the experience that would cause me to believe there was any prioritization of T-Mobile proper customers over Republic or other MVNOs. Furthermore, I know of friends in the area with T-Mobile proper service who reported no cell signal whatsoever. It very well may have come down to how the specific tower(s) serving the location one was sheltering in fared during the storm regardless of one’s service provider.

I, too, appreciate Republic’s gesture in extending credits for additional cell data. For those lacking power and/or Internet access, it’s tremendously helpful during a storm’s aftermath. Much to my relief, power and, therefore, Internet was restored to my home after roughly 36 hours. Given the damage in my neighborhood, that’s really pretty remarkable.


Hi @pegasus,

If coverage has been an ongoing concern for you, please open a support ticket and let’s see if a different SIM card would improve your situation.

We’d appreciate a chance to regain your trust.


rolandh I am in Ft Lauderdale. I drove from I-95 and Oakland Park to Federal to 17th Street causeway. It was only on 17th street that I found signal I could use. So, sounds like you were very fortunate.


Did you open that ticket that @southpaw suggested?


Fortunate is a relative term. I feel fortunate that I and my family were unhurt and that we suffered no significant property damage. For others in my neighborhood and beyond, this wasn’t the case.

Broward County had a curfew in place until 10:00 AM yesterday. I had no power until roughly 6:00 last night, so was spending time preparing to fire up my generator in the event FPL hadn’t been able to restore power last night. I wasn’t out and about, so can’t speak to the quality of cell signal beyond my neighborhood, where once the storm passed returned to its normal excellent quality.


Category 5 Hurricane & complaining that cell service was down!!! Are you kidding me? I’m sorry, I just had to say the obvious…


It was not a cat 5 when it passed up the West coast of Florida. So what is obvious to you is incorrect


It is not unusual for cell service to go down during extreme weather. Category 5 or not Irma was a bull of a storm and it has caused devastation throughout its wake. Republic has done their part during this crisis by giving users access to more valuable data. It’s up to T-Mobile to fix their cell service, not Republic.


Yes I did open ticket.


Some comments seem to imply I should not expect better service given the circumstances. However, based on the feedback/experience of my friends/acquaintances, other carriers ‘seemed’ to perform better in the same storm/area. Not a valid statistical sample - I know. Hopefully, someone will report more in-depth post mortem analysis by carrier.
Yes - I save money with Republic. But I could also save money by not paying my home insurance. Both are important in a disaster. After more research, just have to decide if savings are worth it.
Appreciate the feedback from others in the area on their experience.


I got the 2GB of data, too, which I appreciate, though it was instantly eaten up because I was otherwise occupied and didn’t think to disable cell data until it was too late. I noticed LTE was gone and it said roaming 3G since sometime Sunday night. I didn’t really get to use the data as I could only call and text. I wanted to look at progress of the storm but nothing loaded. I had NO access to internet unless I used a nearby wifi hotspot. Still have most of the .5G I bought on Sunday in anticipation of the power/wifi outage.

We on the Nature Coast were very lucky- the eye went right over us but it had weakened to the point that all we got were lots of limbs down and even them mostly dead palm fronds. Dodged a bullet for sure!

Edit: I would like to know- this is the original Moto X with the refund plan, am I still on Sprint, or which carrier is it now? I talked to a couple of linemen who never lost service and they had Verizon.


All Refund plan phones work on Sprint.


At the risk of stating/posting the obvious, just saw this from the TBT:

Cell phone service still suffering around the state