Republic Wireless 11/29/18 outage update

It seems to me that Republic has provided far more explanation that most carriers do when there’s an outage. I can’t imagine, nor have I ever seen, a cellular provider (rather than an ISP or data center provider) provide the type of data that you’re asking about.

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Hi @rickstr,

Thanks for your feedback and insight. I’m sorry to read that the information didn’t satisfy your thirst for knowledge. It wasn’t meant to be a technical response, but, as I indicated “some insight.” The specifics around the disruption would be details the partner would need to release, as they are not details that are ours to go into.

As for redundancy and failover, I would not mention them if they didn’t exist, but, as I pointed out initially, we do see opportunities for improvement and will be using this experience as a foundation for building that improvement.

It sounds like you have a lot of experience in networking and systems engineering. I hope you’ll share some of that expertise in our Member Community, as we often have networking questions as new members seek advice to best optimize their Wi-Fi networks for their Republic Wireless service.

Hi @southpaw,

Thanks for the quick response. I myself being Cisco, Juniper, 3-com, Nortel, FORE Systems ATM and more for 15+ years and was a manager of a networking team / department. However, now retired for 10 years (most say i am retarded, haha) So yes i do have exp in networking / systems engineering and design. Anyway you did mention (As for redundancy and failover, I would not mention them if they didn’t exist) well, ) Well, if true redundancy was in effect at that partner then no interruption of service to your customers (not me) would have taken place. Only imo. Yes their are them freak catastrophic failures (like backup power not working when utility power goes down) or fail-over configuration from one router to another not working or not configured correctly so when one link goes down it does not switch or ospf failure. Yes i know how partners don’t want to give technical details about failures. Kind of makes them look bad. Have a good day.

This is just not correct. Having spent the better part of my career in data center services I’ve seen, more than once, a bad routing table update cascade across multiple data centers and take down primary, secondary and tertiary backups.


Most should give the technical side and your are correct that most don’t provide that info. We did when i was in a data center cause I made sure my engineers provided if. No outage that took place in 6 years in the data center ever got bad feedback due to sharing the info. You learn from each outage.

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I’m quite sure ALL of the data is being shared with the relevant, engineers, managers and employees. There’s a different between that and sharing with us. As far as I know there’s nothing you or I could do to “learn from the outage”.

If you’re not at home,it being posted on social media and FB does no good until you get back home ---- say I’m out shopping – I don’t live by social media and FB at those times. Now if I got a message on my phone from RW, I’d look at it

Never got an email

That’s the issue. The service is down, how exactly would they get you a message on your phone?


Hi @aa5fdc8f-9dcb-4958-b,

The E-mail is also posted here:

I’ve updated the original Announcement above to include the following additional information, in response to some questions we’ve seen.

I agree Louis D about a message on the phone. Say I:m driving & can pull over, would look at message. But taking time to view it on your form, no way. BTW , my phone still won’t let me make outbound calls ,& is sending all inbound calls to VM. Very poor communications from RW & the problem should never have happened - you don’t put one vendor’s equipment next to a different vendor’s equipment. Also, why no back- up equipment if other one fails???

Hi @aa5fdc8f-9dcb-4958-b,

Your ticket has the attention of our management team and your issue is likely completely unrelated to the outage. Please continue to work through the issue in your ticket.

Once I learned there was an outage, I just downloaded Skype light from the Google Play store and temporarily switched over to using my Moto X4 phone for outgoing calls through Skype. Worked fine until outage was over. Something to consider. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

I’m seeing the same message about my phone not being activated again today. I press ‘get activated’ and get a message 'sim card info required but not provided. Same as what happened ~ 10 days ago. Android is current.

Hi @chrisl.ijauhi,

I’m not seeing any indication of another outage underway - no other posts here in Community, and our ticket queues aren’t backing up with reports of calling and texting issues.

We do have an issue we are investigating where activated phones prompt for activation, but there’s no impact to service in that case. Are you able to call and text?

Have you logged into the Account portal to see if there is any messaging there that might provide further details specific to your own account?

Hi, Sorry this may be a separate issue that did occur at the same time as the outage. I cannot call or text from my phone. I checked the account portal but there is no info there. I am stuck in the ‘get activated’ loop as well as ‘update android’ loop. My wife is not home but when I try to call her from our home phone, hers keeps ringing so I assume she is experiencing the same issue.

It may be best that you open a ticket so our technicians can look into this for you.

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I did the ##8647## from the phone to reset it and it works now. If this happens again I’ll open a ticket for full resolution.

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