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What is the status on Apple iPhone on republic wireless? We need to be completely compatible with at&t users. When it happens RW will bring in a lot of their customers. Let me know if you need a beta tester!

Dan, Other than Republic having said publicly that they’ve been testing iPhones, nothing else has been shared. Republic would love to be able to address the 50% of the population that use the iPhone, but as you may know, there are technical hurdles that have to be overcome. For all we know that could be tomorrow, next month, next year or never.


VERY disappointing! No Apple phone, NO 5 + 10s of thousands more customers Republic is losing.

As I mentioned above, Republic would love to be able to support the iPhone but this isn’t a question of “want” as there are significant technical hurdles for them to overcome. As you may know, Apple is a very different company than Google when it comes to allowing companies like Republic to access parts of the phone OS and the needed capabilities for Republic’s hybrid calling system. Until recently it wasn’t even possible for Republic to consider supporting the iPhone but as Apple has become more open they’ve begun working on the engineering with the hopes that they’ll be able to service this very large portion of the phone wielding population.

Hi @timrm,

Thanks for your feedback! We appreciate your interest in bringing an iPhone to Republic Wireless!

If you had to list your top three most important features of iPhone, what would they be?

While there are a large number of individuals who use an Iphone, I wonder how many would actually switch to Republic to save money. We went to republic for two reasons, a cheaper monthly rate, and the ability to get decent moderately priced phones. A lot of people are Iphone users because they got one as part of a promotion, ie free or greatly reduced price. That would not happen at Republic, would those people be willing to buy one at full price?. I’m sure some would, but there would also be a large number that would not. The people that shell out $1,000 for a phone generally aren’t too concerned about saving money. I would be curious if the people who are begging for Republic to add the Iphone are already iphone users and would bring their own, or are they current Android users and would be willing to pay the big dollars to get an iphone, or have to pay the big price when it was time for an upgrade?. I like the Iphone and wouldn’t mind having one, but I am not going to pay for one. My $300 Android is just fine. We are Ipad users and have calendars on those which we also share with our android phones with no problems.

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While certainly not every iPhone user would switch, owning an iPhone and wanting to save money on service are not mutually exclusive.

Fair enough, however, in addition to decent moderately priced phones, Republic supports factory unlocked variants of Samsung’s Galaxy S series and Note series as well as Google’s Pixels. Many of these are as high end (with equally high end price tags) as Apple’s iPhone.

There’s logic to that, however, my experience is there’s definitively a market of folks willing to pay top dollar for a phone yet not being particularly interested in paying more for service than one needs to. Again, this isn’t limited to those using iPhones. It applies equally to folks using high end Androids.

My sense is the majority are already iOS (iPad, iPod touch), if not iPhone users. Republic is attractive to them for the same reasons it’s attractive to those of us already members.

There’s also no doubt some folks already with Republic using Androids who would make the switch to iPhone. Perhaps, they’re Mac users and like iOS’ seamless integration with macOS (think iMessage, FaceTime, etc.). Apple has gone as far as to create an app to help folks using Androids switch to iOS, so clearly it believes there’s an opportunity for converts. Likewise, multiple Android manufacturer’s including Google itself offer utilities for going from an iPhone to an Android.

Partisans on either side of the Android/iPhone debate tend to overestimate the differences and underestimate the commonalities. The basic interface of apps being represented on a home screen as icons goes at least as far back as the Palm Pilot.

At the end of the day, iPhone support is a sufficiently obvious business opportunity for Republic that I fully expect once technical hurdles can be overcome, they will be. Whether that’s sooner rather than later or later rather than sooner remains to be seen.

I’ve been using both Androids and iPhones for some time now. Generally, I’m agnostic as to which provides the “better” experience.

There are two areas where I do think iPhones and iOS generally has the upper hand. Apple’s current iOS 12 supports devices as old as the 2013 iPhone 5s. The forthcoming iOS 13 supports devices as old as the iPhone 6s (a 2015 device). One’s not getting the latest version of Android on a 4-6 year old device.

iPhone’s other distinct advantage is availability of local support via Apple’s brick and mortar stores. Let’s face it, for the most part, one simply isn’t walking into the local Android store for assistance with one’s phone.

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