Republic Wireless and Venmo


What about users on Project Fi? What do they consider those numbers as?


Project Fi numbers are T-Mobile.numbers.


I had the same issue trying to setup a Venmo account a few days ago. I wish there was something we could do.


Hmmm. I was facing this challenge 4 months ago, tried to register for VenMo, and they wouldn’t send the "short Code’ as the final step for verification. They blamed it on Republic the Republic help people said they were working on it, and it would take 3-4 months. I decided to be patient, only to now find out after waiting 4 months that Republic apparently knew all along that Venmo was the problem, not on Republic’s end. So, in addition to the disappointment of being delayed for 4 months in appropriately targeting the people with the power (VenMo, it turns out), I have ALSO been accepting money for bills from my roommates into a VenMo account I thought I would surely be able to open any day. Now, I have a chunk of money in an account I CANNOT ACCESS, thanks mostly to VenMo’s lack of transparency (e.g. “We don’t accept Voip” - which they never said) and partly Republics. Maybe I’m a good test case to push this forward, because I have no idea what to do with all the money in the account I cannot access. Maybe VenMo will be pressured into opening the account. ■■■■.


I think if I were you I would go out and get a prepaid SIM card and get my money from Venmo.


These may be different issues. The Venmo issue that is discussed here is that Venmo won’t even try to text Republic because they see the number and reject it outright. In your case it sounds like they took your number but that their shortcode provider couldn’t “find” Republic. The 3-4 month timeframe sounds like the timeframe around getting a shortcode provider working with Republic. As to status of that effort, I couldn’t say.


Are there other apps that will work? I’ve tried Zelle and Venmo and both will not work with Republic.


Zelle’s app did not work for me as well, however, my bank uses Zelle for mobile payments. Perhaps, because I had registered my Republic number to receive text alerts from my bank, its mobile app did verify my Republic number for mobile payments with Zelle. This is my longwinded way of saying if your bank uses Zelle for mobile payments, Zelle may work via your bank’s mobile app.


unfortunately, my bank does not offer Zelle. That’s why I’m searching for an alternative.


My bank offers Zelle, but since I already had Google Pay set up with my debit card, I never tried messing with it.


I seen this recently about Venmo…made me think of this tread. I don’t use this service, but thought this info may be of interest to someone.


I too have send a support request with Venmo spelling out the issue and requesting a policy change or another method for verification to allow Republic phone use. Hopefully if enough people contact them about it they will be pressed to make a change to their policy.


Thanks for posting this. I received the same reply when I reached out to venmo for support and a workaround.


Square’s Cash App worked for me. That’s my workaround.


I have that as well as zelle, but I also need venmo specifically for work. Alas.


Just ran into the same issue trying to create a Venmo account to receive money, but after watching the video SpeedingCheetah posted, I don’t think I ever want to use that app!!
I don’t know why Venmo is so picky. I use my phone for 2-factor authentication for work all the time.


I am here because I was trying to find a solution for the bug with Twitter that doesn’t recognize Republic Wireless numbers.
For Twitter I found success by using a Google Voice number. This number is set to forward to my Republic Wireless number.
Just wanted to confirm for anyone else looking for similar answeres.


Just for clarification,

Its no bug. A bug is an error. ie: Not intended behavior.

It is a specific decision by Twitter (and Venmo and others) to not accept VoIP numbers and/or to not accept Republic numbers.

Second, this thread is about Venmo, not Twitter.



It is a bug if it keeps users from using the platform.

I was replying to another mention of Twitter so I was confirming the work around.

Let’s also be clear here. Getting snarky with someone who is offering a solution/confirmation of a solution is not a way to ensure that members of the community particpate. I greatly value the community and the solutions offered.

Perhaps you might consider being grateful too. You’re welcome.


Just curious, did you also complain to Twitter since they are the ones rejecting RW? And they are the ones that are capable of fixing the issue.