Republic Wireless and Venmo


I sure did. That was my first line of attack. I didn’t know it’s a baked-in bug 'til I came here. I am glad I did despite getting attacked. Now I can share this solution with others. Speeding Cheetah’s reply is the first time I have ever seen anyone get furious about a contribution. :slight_smile:


Well as speedingcheeta said it’s not a bug. It is a management decision by the Twitter people. RW has absolutely no say in how Twitter calls the shots on this issue. Twitter decides whether or not to accept RW numbers or not (they say not). So all RW can do for now is register a complaint like everybody else. There is absolutely nothing RW can do in it’s software to make Twitter accept an RW number. So blaming RW for this “bug” is pointless.


I seem to have missed it but I don’t see where @rabelaisbleu blamed Republic for anything. S(he) has chosen to characterize Twitter’s policy decision as a bug and one might debate the semantics of that, however, the bottom line remains the same (Twitter won’t recognize Republic numbers).


You mis understand. I am simply clarifying for others who read these threads about the issue already mentioned and discussed in this and other threads.

It has already been mentioned that Google Voice number sometimes are accepted where Republic numbers are not. I myself posted this “solution” on the Twitter thread here months ago when I ran into issues.


I am sorry it was interpreted it that fashion. It was not meant that way.
I have edited my post.


Back to the topic of Venmo…

Could someone explain to me the why they fancy Venmo over PayPal or the other many popular payment service. My work, a small IT parts re-sell business, uses PayPal. I know many non-profits that use PayPal as well. I have never heard of Venmo until it came up on these forums. My bank, Wells Fargo, has some other company, Zelle. (which will not accept my R.W number)

I found this article:

I have not had any issue with Paypal accepting my R.W number.


Thank you. It’s all good. I appreciate this very much.


Venmo is owned by PayPal, so apparently PayPal thinks there’s something to it. They’re covering their bases just like Facebook buying WhatsApp.


I had trouble getting a Google Voice number using my Republic Account and phone. I was told that G Voice won’t work with VoIP either. Can someone clarify?


Years ago I ported my landline to Google and it forwards to my Republic number. I used that for Twitter login verification.

So try creating Google Voice and choose a number from the selection then link to your Republic number as the forward-to number.

I found this, but I don’t know how current/accurate it is.


I think it would be helpful to quantify the amount of Republic Wireless customers and other VOIP customers that are impacted by Venmo’s decision to not allow VOIP numbers to use Venmo so they can see the lost revenue and users.


Just tried signing up for Venmo…

  1. I DO receive the code sent to my Republic number. When I enter the code, I receive an error message “To use Venmo, we need your mobile phone number.”
  2. When I use the “underlying” number (which I just successfully used yesterday to sign up for Viber), I do not receive the code.

Since it is their policy not to support VoIP, it would be helpful for the error message to reflect such. I will also contact Venmo to express my frustration.


So to sum up… Venmo recently enacted a policy that doesn’t allow new users with VOIP numbers to validate their account, but everyone else that already had an account is able to use it just fine?


It’s really popular among college students and the younger demographic… literally everyone at my university use it to pay each other back. It’s as close to social media as a payment platform can get.


So was Google Wallet years ago, for my time at college and last place of work…its a fad, nothing more. Now, I don’t know anyone who uses Google Wallet anymore. This generation will move on to whatever service pops up later on and Venmo will be old news.

It is sad to see that Venmo and many services alike it do not accept Republic numbers still. R.W is (should be) very appealing to college students due to it very affordable price.


remember AOL?


Hi @jeffreyn.oji4h2,

Yes, you have accurately summed it up.


I talked to Venmo support and the reason I can’t use it is because this republic wireless number is registered as a voice number, not a mobile number. What can be done?


The link to the help article regarding Venmo can be found below.


Hi @kristind.twxlzq,

I’ve merged your question into an existing question about Venmo, so we can focus the conversation in a single place.