Republic Wireless and Venmo

I was using Cash App to send money to my nephew. He suggested Venmo because it cost $15 to get Cash App $$ immediately rather than 3+ days. I don’t know what the Venmo policy is because I got a message that my Republic# could not receive SMS, although I get SMS all the time. I tried to direct deposit from my money market account, and was linked to Zelle right on the “transfer” page. All my and his financial institutions were listed as participants. I signed up no problem, but I don’t know yet if instant deposit actually means 3+ days.

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Like many here, I contacted Venmo and got the non-helpful response of we don’t support VoIP numbers. I decided to rate their app a 1 star on the Google Play store with the explanation that they would not allow me to register a VoIP mobile number.

I know a lot of companies scan their app ratings and I suspect if they notice a public increase in negative reviews for this problem it may give them additional motivation to provide some way of fixing this problem.


Venmo was similarly unhelpful to me. Initially I contacted their helpdesk and was told “a phone number like yours is incompatible with our service”. At that point I searched around online and found this helpful thread. I responded to Venmo, pointing out that things apparently used to work, till they changed their requirements. I haven’t heard anything back.

While it seems like this is squarely Venmo being unhelpful I’d still like to hear that RW is trying to advocate for its users. Has RW contacted Venmo?


Based on conversations with Republic staff, yes they have. Republic is suggesting we also raise the issue with Venmo to demonstrate there is market demand. Frankly, the only thing likely to make Venmo rethink its unfortunate policy is if it believes it’s losing out on significant business.


Just to throw an option to those fellow Republic users who need to use Venmo and cannot get accounts validated.

I have a $10 paygo backup phone for emergencies. I used that phone number to validate the account but when people send me money, they just use my email address anyway so using my backup phone’s number really doesn’t have a big affect on my Venmo account.

I used Tello paygo ($10 minimum and doesn’t expire as long as you send a text every 90 days). But any paygo will work (tmobile, lycamobile). There is even a free account you can get called FreeUp Mobile. I find using VOIP based phone numbers like Republic, Google Voice, Freedompop (and even Fi, I had some issues in the past), its good to have a backup cellular phone number just in case.


I solved this problem by using Google Pay instead.

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I want a Venmo account. Venmo would not accept my Republic phone number. They said it was a VOIP number. I questioned if all Republic members are blocked because of a VOIP number? They said I should “ask your provider what kind of number you have on your phone. See if it’s a WiFi number”.
Any guidance on this issue?

Hi @jackh.uh826y,

Thank you for bringing your question to the Community. Unfortunately, you’re not alone in having this experience. You may find this previous discussion on the topic to be of interest: Republic Wireless and Venmo.

The short story is Republic numbers are indeed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP is the technology powering the WiFi portion of Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service. There’s nothing inherently wrong with VoIP numbers though Venmo as a matter of their policy chooses to see it differently. Unfortunately, at this time, Venmo’s policy is not to accept VoIP and, therefore, Republic numbers.

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Hi @jackh.uh826y,

I’ve moved your post into the topic @rolandh mentioned so we can focus the conversation in a single place. That we if we do get news of a solution, we can easily update everyone at once.

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Here’s the latest from Venmo:
“I done a bit of digging and found out that for right now we don’t support any customer with Republic due to the fact of the VOIP numbers the company has. I know we are loosing out on customers with these types of number Jack, if things change with your number I’ll be more than happy to have you as a customer with Venmo.”

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Does anyone know if you can use someone else’s phone number to sign up and then change to your Republic number afterwards?

You can use another number to sign up, but it won’t let you change afterwards. Then the person whose phone number you used won’t be able to sign up for Venmo since their number is tied to your account. I tried it with a family member’s phone number, only to have them not be able to sign up themselves afterward.

I have also had the same Venmo customer service experience, as many others above have, after attempting to discuss this with them. Venmo has made a decision to not support me, so I won’t support them when there are plenty of other options. I closed my newly created Venmo account and have already signed up with Square’s Cash App to try it out.

If this anyone else finds this to be an issue, please open a Venmo support ticket so they see that it’s losing them customers. If I can’t use Venmo, none of my family/friends/etc will be able to with me either and that’s a loss to them. Lost money/customers is the only motivator for change to companies like that.

Edit: Forums auto linked the “open a ticket” phrase to RW’s ticketing system, so I made the link to Venmo.


I agree. If I can move to Cash App and drop PayPal I will do that. It feels like Venmo can just push the people they won’t service to their other company PayPal, but I don’t think it should be that easy for them to not try to service more people. It’a annoying because I have my college aged son on RW, and all his house mates use Venmo, so it’s making it challenging to pay or get paid back for joint house expenses.

So… I started spamming the app with random 4 digit codes, after like the 4th (maybe 5th) try it let me in. I did have to use the underlying phone number to get to the enter code step.

So either I guessed the number or the app has a bug???

Any update? Today and Sunday someone wanted to pay me with Venmo. Would love to be able to use Venmo like everyone else!

Until Venmo changes their policy…which is not likely. No. No futher updates.
You will need to make use of other payment services.

Hi @Jenn_In_STL,

Welcome to our Community! I’m sorry to say that while we’re doing all we can to convince Venmo and other banking institutions to accept our numbers, we’ve not made any progress so far. Any help you are able to offer by letting Venmo know that you’re interested in doing legitimate business with them, but blocked out by their policy, would be appreciated.


Just wanted to chime in and share the frustration here – I was just blocked from signing up to repay a friend. I’ve just emailed Venmo asking about the situation.

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