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Issue Description

Has anyone tried signing up for Venmo using a Republic account? I am having a problem and am wondering if anyone else has experienced the same.


Hi @michaelp.sq50q1, I have a Venmo account haven’t run into any issues. What problem are you having?

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I believe Venmo has the same problem most financial applications do with Republic numbers and that’s that they don’t like VoIP numbers. I recommend trying to the same solution that has worked for Viber to see if it works for Venmo: Getting Viber to Register a Republic Number

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Thank you. I had hoped that by using the Republic ID number, i.e. the “number behind the number,” there might be a way around the hoops.

Venmo doesn’t recognize my Republic telephone number as a “mobile number.” When I used the Republic ID number that sits behind my phone number as an attempted workaround, it then failed send me the confirmation text that I need to complete Venmo registration. :-/

That workaround no longer works. The underlying carrier number can not be used for texts.

It has been discussed many times in other threads, may services will not accept VoIP, Wireline, and Pre-Paid numbers. Since they often trying to do identity verification or 2 Factor Authentication, and none of these types of cell providers require you to verify your identity to acquire the number and service. (Typically a credit check and input your SSI number to sign up)

I am not familiar with “Venmo”, but I have seen that Discord will only accept proper mobile numbers(major mobile carriers) However, my number was on Sprint Post-Paid at the time when I setup Discord and had it “verified” with their service.

You may be able to try a Google Voice number. I was able to use that on my Twitter and PayPal accounts when the R.W number will not work.


Except, doesn’t establishing a Google Voice number also require a non-VoIP phone as well? I tried doing that a few months ago and Google told me that VoIP is a no-no. :-/

You don’t even need a physical phone to get a Google Voice number. I can be done and used online.

Yes, it is VOIP, but for some reason, some services will accept it. For me, Twitter and PayPal.
U can set it to forward texts to you email or even you R.W. phones. Thats what I have setup.
Doesn’t hurt to try.

Ah, perhaps what I should have said is that I can’t use a Google Voice number with my VoIP phone. I stand corrected.

Hi @michaelp.sq50q1,

I can’t tell you how many Republic Wireless staff members regularly use Venmo on their staff phones. Almost any time I’ve needed to give or receive money in the office, the first thing I’m asked is whether I have Venmo. I’d been meaning to sign up.

I just gave it a try with the same results you saw. I’ve opened a ticket with them to ask if there’s anything we can do to help them make it possible to accept Republic Wireless numbers. I hope you’ll contact Venmo with this request, too.


I did contact Venmo. Basically, they said there is nothing they can do.


Would you mind sharing the steps that make this possible? It’s always been my understanding, Google required receiving a code (traditionally via a phone call and more recently there is an option to do so via text message). Has this changed? How would one receive Google’s verification code without a previously existing phone number? I’ll grant it’s possible to have a phone number attached to a computer rather than a phone, however, that would be a VoIP number and despite being a VoIP service itself, Google Voice rejects most “nomadic” VoIP numbers. Last I attempted acquiring a Google Voice number, Republic numbers were not among the VoIP numbers rejected.

Me too. Likewise, I’ve opened a ticket with Venmo and sent this screenshot from my Republic phone in support of my request:

I did not obscure the last 4-digits of my Republic phone number in the screenshot sent to Venmo.

Thanks @michaelp.sq50q1,

I’ll let you know if I make any progress.

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I thought they were in reference to needing a physical phone or device for Google Voice. GV is online, software.
I have, in the last 1yr or so, created a few other GV accounts numbers, one for junk use, and one for my home phone. It never asked me for code.

I just tired to create a new GV on one of my existing Google accounts. It now asks me to verify via text message or phone call. I put in my R.W. number for the “call” option u have to select in the text area. It did not reject my number because not supported, but because already in use on another GV account, so I can t really test it I guess.

Edit: I have never heard of Venmo until this thread. It appears to to be some “Digital Wallet” or otherwise money share service? How would this service be any different than PayPal, Google Wallet, or Square? My bank, Wells Fargo, now uses something called “Zelle” but it appears to just be the same money transfer option pages they had before.

It’s similar to many of the alternative services you reference. In fact, Venmo is owned by PayPal. Square is more credit (and debit) card processing service that money transfer service. Zelle appears to have the same issue with Republic numbers as Venmo.

Must work fine for me because my number was on a “accepted carrier” when they verified it, many years ago I guess.

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This is fairly common but I fear we’re starting to drift from the OP’s purpose in opening the discussion. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Then, one would think that like PayPal, it would accept R.W. and GV numbers.
But I guess they are more strict.

Hi I have used Venmo with republic phones without problems for a couple of years. First with a Moto G and currently with the Huawei Ascend.

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I think that’s right. My sense from reading the various responses here is that it “used to work,” but if you try it now, it won’t. Republic needs to take these occurrences seriously if it wants its services to be a true alternative to traditional carriers. It’s a minor inconvenience NOW, but as more and more services move toward some form of two-factor authorization, it could become a real negative.

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