Republic Wireless Anywhere - Don't waste your time



Just installed “Republic Wireless Anywhere”. What a waste of time! As near as I can tell, the only thing it lets you do is view some (not all) SMS messages. You can’t delete them! Others have said that if messages are deleted on your phone, they can still show up on Anywhere! Messages only go back 30 days. This is insanity! Presumably, the SMS data comes from the same database that contains all your SMS messages. What difference if that database is updated by a phone or a computer? Why limit the timeline to 30 days? If I use my phone to perform the same functions, it uses the same bandwidth, same resources - so why issue crippleware for computer use?

I installed the application because I wanted to use the superior human factors interface of a real keyboard and monitor to review/delete SMS messages. But since the app only goes 30 days back, I’m time-limited by what I can review. No “delete” feature means the app is useless for managing SMS messages.

In all, I rate this app ZERO STARS. I consider it a half hour wasted on a piece of garbage that takes up space on my phone and on my computer while serving no useful function. Republic - what were you thinking?


Hi @kurta
Funny post!
It seems as Google is trying to do the exact same thing now with their SMS/MMS over on a PC.


Hi @kurta,

Thanks for your feedback. Our developers are always interested in different use-cases for our products.

The 30-day limit describes the initial sync, because we do not store all your text messages forever on our servers.

The primary purpose of the desktop application was not management of historical messages, but ongoing ease of communication, including a way to text (and eventually, call) when your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged. Our developers are aware that members have requested the ability to delete messages from the PC, and will consider that feature for a future iteration of the app.


If it only wasted 1/2 hour of your life instead of one or two you should at least give it one star…

There are learning curves to any phone app or computer program. You have to pay to play.

In all, I rate the RWA review two stars.

I wasn’t initially impressed either, particularly with the phone app but kept it on my main PC and have found it useful. Waiting patiently for the developers to roll out many of the requested changes to the desktop side of it. In the mean time have started to use the phone app on one of my RW phones and have found a good use for it on my phone used with another provider…



I like it. I had been having trouble getting my texts on time, and it was suggested by Republic to swith from Messenger to Anywhere. It solved the problem right away.
Then I found I could text from my laptop, which makes it so easy.
So - at night - I can turn my phone off, and still text from the laptop.
It also makes it easier to attach files and links from there.


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@kurta, if Republic Anywhere allowed you to see more than 30 day’s worth of text messages and it allowed you to delete your text messages, would your rating of Anywhere go from 0 to 5 stars?


I don’t know. That’s like asking, “If the engine in the car you just bought didn’t work, and someone fixed the engine, would you rate it 5 stars?”. Would you? If the air conditioner didn’t work? If the wheels fell off? If the transmission exploded? BUT THE ENGINE RUNS! Would you rate it 5 Stars? The point is that the failure to provide anything useful is so egregious that it slams the rating right to zero. It’s like a headache pill that has, as one of its side-effects, that it KILLS YOU! Your headache is gone. (5 Stars??) So are you! (ZERO STARS!)

Put it this way, I said “Zero Stars” because “Negative” Stars didn’t occur to me at the time. As someone who has done a fair amount of software development over the years, CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) interfaces are the sorts of thing developers can do in their sleep. What hacker would create an interface that’s “Read” only? Not to strain the metaphor, but it’s like the aforementioned car with one wheel. In its present form, the software doesn’t even begin to make sense.

In fact, if you think about it, RW’s phones connect over the internet, so what’s the big deal about just creating a “phone on the computer”? I understand that with voice communications there may be an additional level of complexity, but for SMS, it seems all you would need is a front end, perhaps some message translation routines and some minimal authentication information. The RW system doesn’t even have to know it’s not talking to your phone! You might start with a very basic set of features: Like the ability to read and delete SMS messages. Then add the ability to send SMS. Then add the ability to download voice mail (a feature I had on my non-RW phone 15 years ago!!) to your computer. Then the ability to make/receive calls on your computer. It doesn’t have to be done all at once - but if you’re going to put out a piece of software, it should include at least basic functionality… or it’s a waste of time.


I guess I missed the feature that allows you to text…

Or is it not in there yet?


1/2 hour was being charitable. If I put it in standard-user time units, you’re well over an hour.

But I disagree with your method of evaluation. If I put out 100 software packages that advertised various functions, and you tried each one allocating less than 1 hour to each, only to find out that none contained anything that was more than minimally useful (that is, it’s one step above a blank screen) would you really rate all those apps 1 or 2 stars?

To me, the test for achieving 1 star is whether the app saves me more time/effort than it took to install the app and didn’t do any other damage. In this case, the app failed. It will never save me as much effort as it took to install it. Not saying that an updated future version won’t be useful - but as is, this app is a net LOSS of time and therefore qualifies for zero or even negative stars.


Ok. I just asked that question to understand more of your thought process in reviewing Anywhere.

I’ve used Republic Anywhere to make 25-50% of my texts for the past several months. Since I type 65+ WPM, it is much easier for me to text with Anywhere via my computer than my phone. I consider that a useful feature.

If the implementation of Anywhere is so easy, then why aren’t all the other carriers doing something similar?

I don’t know of one other phone carrier that has apps that allows customers to text with their PC/Mac/Linux computers and/or tablets using their same cellphone number.

I did look at your profile, and I see that you’ve been with Republic Wireless for a few years. I believe in March, I will have been with Republic Wireless for 3 years. In my time with Republic Wireless, I’ve seen continual improvements with this company. They haven’t implemented things “all at once”, but they’ve continued to work on things to improve them. I’m not sure if you see Anywhere as a finished product. Since I’m a beta tester of Anywhere, I don’t hold that view. Neither does Republic Wireless, I believe, because they posted this: Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread. They are calling upon people to give suggestions to this product so it can improve. I’ve done so, and actually some of my ideas already have been implemented.


It is there. It is one of the primary purposes of Republic Anywhere. Are you looking at the app on your phone, desktop, or tablet?


You continue to knock it without taking the time to learn how to use it and what it can do. If you don’t want to invest your time don’t use it RWA is likely to evolve/improve over time. Most users have found it to be useful in the current state.



Hi @kurta

Just to clarify…

I think it only sync’s the messages (contacts?) going back 30 days from the initial installation. I have text messages from 3+ years ago using Anywhere…or am I misunderstanding?.


Actually, I just checked one text message thread I have had with one person on Anywhere on my computer, and my texts go back till April 14, 2017. I have texts going back with another person from March 29, 2017 on Anywhere.


Text messages stay on the device indefinitely unless archived/deleted. Once deleted, Anywhere will only restore the most recent 30 days worth of messages.


OK, thanks for the clarification. Sounds like another good reason to regularly backup texts if they are important.



Desktop. But I confess, the main reason I wanted to use Anywhere was to manage incoming messages. I don’t much care about sending messages from my computer - at least not at this point in time - so I could easily have missed a feature I wasn’t looking for. If it works, I may have been too harsh. One star.:grinning:


Can you tell me what you read that led you to believe this was a purpose of the app? We may need to work on how we describe it, to more clearly set expectations of what it is meant to do.


I like Anywhere because it allows me to receive, reply to and initiate messages from my desktop, which is where I spend a lot of time. I would rather write messages on my desktop than on my phone because it has a real keyboard.