Republic Wireless App - data usage control



An earlier version of the RW App gave me control of which apps could use cell data. I could select an app and restrict it to wifi only. This was a very useful feature for preventing certain apps from gobbling up data needlessly. Now this feature is NO LONGER available. Could it be that RW is no longer wanting users to limit data usage?
So where did this great tool go? It worked really well and allowed me to prevent apps from consuming cell data when I wasn’t on wifi.
This control was under the data tab where it shows the list of apps consuming data and what percentage of the data it consumed. I use to be able to individually restrict cell data usage for any app I choose. Now I can only see the amount used but cannot restrict it… This is a move in the wrong direction for a company that embraces using wifi and limiting cell data. What gives?
happy new year.


I believe the changes in the RW app are largely due to changes in the Android operating system. Android, more and more, has restricted access to certain areas of the OS to manage security issues. Mobiwol NoRoot Firewall has been recommended for finite control over what apps are allowed data access. I’ve used it in the past and was pleased with it. But, I don’t really feel it’s necessary on my phone. If I’m concerned about an app accessing to much mobile data, I just uninstall it.

If you try Mobiwol NoRoot Firewall, be careful about blocking access to the things that make your phone work like its supposed to.


The fact that Republic’s app no longer provides app-by app cell data control is the result of Republic no longer using a custom ROM on newer 3.0 phones. A no root firewall such as the one you suggested is a good substitute.


Thank you for the suggestion. I will check out Mobiwol NoRoot Firewall and perhaps give it a try. I appreciate your effort.