Republic Wireless App has stopped?

I keep getting the message: Republic Wireless has quit, If I’m sending a text, it doesn’t go thru. Later I see the text wasn’t sent! I tap the message and it finally sends! Is there a gkitch in the software? This started after the last time I upgraded the software…

Here is a help article on “Republic Wireless has stopped:”

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I tried to reinstall the app but it’s grayed out and the pull down menu’s message is that the app is not compatible with my device; Moto G Pure!

Moto G Pure? That phone is not supported by Republic Wireless at this time:

That’s terrible to suddenly not being supported!

Are you sure it’s a Moto G Pure? That is a new phone for which support has never been announced.

Perhaps you meant Moto X Pure? If that is the case, you may have been trying to install the wrong version of the Republic Wireless app. The version for the Moto X Pure (and all 3.0 phones) can be found at:

I did make a mistake, it’s the MOTO X Pure Edition Xt1575

Hey thanks! Sorry for my mistake!

No problem. Hopefully everything is working for you now.

thanks again!

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