Republic Wireless App Problem


All our lines are having a problem whenever we installed republic wireless app alone or with republic anywhere app. When we do that we could not make any phone calls and texts and most of the time we get busy signal aside from that we have a lot of problems dropping calls whenever we our out of town. So for us to make and receive a call we have to uninstall the Apps but then to get our voicemails and text message we have to install it again which is very bothersome. We also purchased two or three phones from you guys it’s the Huawei phone that you had a promo before and that phone is not responding properly. it is very slow to the point it takes us a minute everytime we push a button. Is there a way that you can help us improve our service? give us some credits for all the inconveniences we have? We would like to return the phones if possible and get a better one that respond properly. Thanks and hoping to hear from you guys.


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