Republic Wireless App Update: Version



Republic Wireless app version was released today at 5% for Republic Wireless 1.0 and 2.0 phones. We’ll continue to release it in a staged rollout throughout the next several days. We expect to release the update at 100% later next week.

The app update includes:

  • Various bug fixes and stability enhancements

For instructions on how to update your app, please see How to Update Your Republic Wireless App.


It’s only been about a year and my last phone I bought from Republic Wireless forced an update and picked right before I was leaving home to be away from wifi for an extended period of time to do it. My phone got hot in my pocket and came up with a failed update error message and afterward had continuing fail notices until I got frustrated and tried to roll it back to its original setup after which it would not completely load with the ultimate result that I ended up with a nice little brick and ended up having to replace my phone.
That story is to illustrate why I am reluctant to update and to preface the question whether I am going to be forced to update and possibly sometime when it would clearly be better to not? If it is going to be pushed on me I need to undertake it when it has sufficient time to accomplish it.
Let me know;


Sounds like you are referencing a firmware update. This is a simple Republic app update done from the Google Play Store like any other app on your phone. We do not typically force updates. Even firmware updates from manufacturers usually just nag until it is finally updated.


Thanks Sean,
I was just over reacting. It was an Android update and I haven’t been
thinking about it much, don’t even remember the flavor. I was just in a
mood today and have been thinking to myself I don’t want it to pick a bad
time to update. Read on another thread that the Republic all app doesn’t
push their updates and I’m pretty sure that is correct.


No problem. You are welcome to come here and talk, good mood or bad. If you’re phone does not work properly come tell us and we will try to help.


This phone is a moto G and I’m loving it. I’m thinking I will shop for one
like it (it’s no longer stocked) and get my wife started on it. Seems
perfect to me.