Republic Wireless App Update: Version



Republic Wireless app version was released today, July 24, 2017, at 10% for Republic Wireless 3.0 phones. We’ll continue to release it in a staged rollout throughout the next couple of weeks.

The app update includes:

  • The Republic arc and notification are dismissible on Android N, and reappear upon connectivity status change.
  • App auto-update fixed for Android N.
  • Email to SMS fixed for Android N.
  • Show notification after plan change.
  • Various bug fixes and stability enhancements.

For instructions on how to update your app, please see How to Update Your Republic Wireless App.

Republic Wireless Arc - Notification Changes

I’m having a notification on the “Moto Display” thing every time my G5+ connects to any WiFi network. It’s annoying and lights up the screen for it, is there a way to stop it? This never happened before this update. The notification doesn’t appear on any other screen


What notification? What does it say?


Since I can’t get a screen shot of that screen I took a picture.

And this is the details view:

I never had these before, and it now does it all the time.

Republic Wireless Arc - Notification Changes

I have the Moto X Pure and it was also updated to the latest RW code yesterday. I have been unable to replicate the screens you captured on your Moto G5

  • The 1st one appears to be the lock screen, showing Date/Time & Battery % along with the fact that a Republic Notification is available.
    • The 2nd looks like the standard RW notification showing you’re connected to Linksys_AC


It is not the lock screen… It is the Moto Display low energy thing that you enable in the Moto App. It’s what took the place of the old notification LED the older phones use to have.

Here’s a video which might be more self explanatory about what’s going on.

I literally just made this video myself.

edit: Just to confirm I am using version


Nice video! I have the Moto G4plus and never noticed anything like this before, but I have mine set to Don’t show notifications at all. If you don’t want to have the notification you are referring to, but want other notifications to show there, you can choose the Block apps, then tap the blue circle with the + in it, then choose the republic wireless app. Let us know if that works for you


Thanks! I appreciate the compliment! :slight_smile: It’s not that I don’t want any Republic Notifications on that screen it’s just that one, which didn’t start happening until this update. I don’t mind the billing one, and the call quality survey one I enabled, but to be constantly notified about WiFi connections is annoying.
Plus, I didn’t think we ever could clear the notification in the tray unless we un-ticked the box in the app settings.


I just tap on the " Show how much detail is displayed", then select " Don’t show notifications at all". It saves more battery drain that way. This is only for when the phone screen is off. You will still get the notifications at the top bar, and in the republic wireless app.


Okay, thanks! I’ll do that, but I would like to confirm from @seanr or anyone else involved with the development of the app to say whether or not this is a glitch.


For the time being you may want to turn off Notifications for Republic Wireless. I don’t know how the menu is for Moto Android 7. Here is how it’s done for Moto Android 6, hopefully they’re similar:

Sound & Notification
App Notifications
Republic Wireless
Block All

By the way, nice video!


Hi @benjaminf.haklmn, Thank you for reporting this to us, My team is looking into the issue now.


Thanks for the compliment! Actually the easy way for disabling republic notifications is to

Open Republic App
Tap on the Gear
Tap Advanced settings
Then untick “Always show Republic notification”

Your way us also correct but this is a little simpler for those that are less tech savvy than I. :slight_smile:


I’m having the same issue with my Moto G5 Plus since updating the app. I don’t mind the Republic icon in the notifications bar, but I don’t need it to show up on the Moto home screen.


I know, right?!
If you follow my instructions you’ll still have the notification bar but it won’t display on the Moto display/home screen.


@benjaminf.haklmn It turns out that is expected behavior in this newest Republic app version. For Nougat devices, the notification is no longer persistent by design which means you will be able to swipe it away. The notification will reappear upon connectivity status change, such as moving from wifi to cell or cell to wifi.

One of the main reasons for this change is that the persistent notification was one of the issues that prevented the Play store from automatically installing App updates when they were available.

We’re working on a community announcement around this change which will go into more detail. We’re sorry for any confusion this may have caused.


Always knowing what type of connection I had was certainly more important to me than Republic having the ability to automatically update their app – you guys need to find a way to make the “arc status” persistent, because removing a highly useful and unique feature is ridiculous.


Hi @nicholasb.fxfbne,

No worries! The arc will go away only if you swipe it away, and if you accidentally do so, it will return the next time the Wi-Fi state changes, something you could even trigger by toggling Wi-Fi from the quick settings tray.

For full details about the decision to make this change, please see our announcement.


Yes, I know – but that’s not anywhere near as useful, because we now have
to force a change to see how it was connected, and then switch it back if
necessary. The notification persistent status arc was a really great
feature… I suggest letting the customer choose automatic updates or a
persistent status arc.


I’m not sure if you had a chance to read our announcement, but it’s not something we can let the members decide. It has to do with changes in Android, and we have to comply.

It’s also very important from a support perspective that the app update regularly, especially for those who may be less inclined to do manual updates.

We are aware that our members have grown accustomed to having that visual clue always present, so we hear you, and we’ll look into any alternate possibilities that are feasible.