Republic Wireless App Update: Version



It only goes away if you send it away. But even if you do it will come back next time the status changes.

You have the choice to make it persistent, do nothing and it will be persistent.


Yes, but sometimes there are many notifications, and “clear all” is very useful too. As a possible solution, you guys might consider using a “long touch on the Republic app icon” to activate the connection status display – much like a “long touch on the Google Contact app icon” displays a list of contacts.


Not possible in Android, remember they make the OS we must reside in. We could at some point make a widget, but no ETA on that.

Android has been moving away from Persistent notifications, so this was bound to happen at some point.


RW and some other members who responded earlier in thread don’t feel the same as you. RW likely looked at and will continue to look for ways to make everybody happy. Your desired feature may return in the future if RW finds the way.


I believe the “app shortcut with a long-press” is app resident, and must be added by the app developer. At the present time, an “app shortcut with a long-press” is primarily implemented by Google in their own apps (Google Contacts, Gmail, etc), primarily because the capability is relatively new – but it might be something Republic’s software engineering should consider adding to their to-do list. If you’re not familiar with the long-press function, try it on your phone’s Gmail, Phone, or Contacts icon, and you’ll be immediately sold on its usefulness.



@Nantz Thanks for the clarification!