Republic Wireless App Update: Version



A new version of the Republic Wireless app was released yesterday, September 11, 2017 at 2% for Republic Wireless 3.0 phones. We’ll continue to release it in a staged rollout throughout the next couple of weeks.

App Version:

Release Notes:

  • Support and fixes for Android O - including notification channels
  • Connection status information shown in app home screen
  • Republic connectivity status notification removable in advanced settings
  • Fix for texting area code 833 numbers
  • Activation flow improved
  • Various bug fixes and stability enhancements

Instructions for Updating Your App:

Android Oreo when to update
Android Oreo when to update

Thanks for the update. What’s the triaging process for rollout (i.e. is there a way for someone to figure out when in rollout they’ll have access to the updated app)?


There isn’t.


Here is Googles writeup on staged rollouts with bolding and italics done by me

Release app updates with staged rollouts
You can release an app update to production using a staged rollout. With a staged rollout, your update reaches only a percentage of your users, which you can increase over time.
Staged rollouts can only be used for app updates to production, not when publishing an app for the first time or creating an alpha or beta release.
User eligibility & targeting
New and existing users are eligible to receive updates from staged rollouts and are chosen at random for each new release rollout.
When setting up a staged rollout, you can’t target specific users, device types, OS versions, etc.
When you halt and then resume the rollout of your release, you’ll be affecting the same set of users.
When you do a staged rollout of a new release before completing the rollout of the previous release, the new release will use the same group of users as the previous release (depending on the percentage of the rollout).
Your app update will be available to the percentage of users in your staged rollout, but it may take time for the full group to receive the update.
Users won’t be notified if they receive a version of your app in a staged rollout.


When can i get this update? Is there any way to force it or get the APK? I am on a Pixel XL, outgoing calls and texts are real spotty right now. I would love this update if it contains any fixes for the Pixel and Oreo.


I have yet to see any reports of this in the wild or updates on its roll-out progression … so my updates from a couple weeks ago is still all I know.


@tkddroid, the items below are the issues this update addresses. They don’t exactly address spotty calls and texts, though, if you’re in area code 833, you might be in luck.


833 is the newest toll-free number block. It’s not a local area code.


19 days later I’m still waiting for the app update before bumping to Android O. . . and Android really wants me to do the update.

Am I just really unlucky to not have been pushed the Republic app update yet?


Hi @neuroboy,

Not at all. This is a very slow release, currently available to only about 10% of phones with the app. If all goes well, we will increase availability three times this week, and we anticipate full availability by the end of the week.

Please hang in there just a bit longer.


Great, thanks for the update :slight_smile:


Let 'er rip…I need this update! Thanks!


I’m always at the tail end on RW updates. So once I get this one, I’ll know everybody else already has it. :wink:


FYI … I just receive RW today 9/27/17


Release is at 50%. :smiley_cat:


Ok, @larc919,

RW 3.15.1 is now set in the Google Play Store for 100% availability. That change may not create immediate availability for everyone, as the Google Play Store has its own processes to control traffic and server load, but you should be able to update within 24 hours.


I just got this update. Even though notification didn’t show an update was available, when I browsed to it in my apps -> installed -> Republic Wireless…it offered me the option to update it.



Got it, thanks. Hello Oreo!


Thanks, @southpaw. I finally got it. :smiley:


I just activated a new phone and downloaded the app from the Play store. I’m assuming that what I downloaded was this version? –The app doesn’t show the version number for some reason, which is weird. It just shows that the “app is up to date.”