Republic Wireless App Update: Version



If you tap on the words “Up to Date”…it should show you the version number.
I agree it is kind of silly, but that’s how it works right now.


If the App is ‘Up to Date’ that is what it will state, and tapping it (finding the right spot takes a couple of stabs) it will show the version.
You can also see the version in use by hitting Settings/ About in the RW App, and it is shown below your phone number
This was put in place with Republic Wireless App (version which was released 8/20/14 and the description included
"The Republic Wireless app was updated to now prompt you to update your RW app when it is out of date"


You may also verify the version of any app at Settings -> Apps. Just tap the app in question to reveal App info, which will include version.


Thanks amitl. I didn’t see this until now. I just checked it and I’m up to date. –And thank you too rolandh.


I have also set up this discussion to keep track of latest versions of RW apps