Republic Wireless App Update: Version



A new version of the Republic Wireless app began a staged rollout today, February 21, 2018, for Republic Wireless 3.0 phones. We’ll continue to release it in a staged rollout over the next few days.

Release Notes

Release Date: 02/21/18


App Version:


  • Notification to start blocking suspected spam calls (Android 7.0 Nougat or higher required)
  • “Refer a friend” notification and button
  • Improved notifications when cell data is blocked or not available
  • Check for required version of device OS during activation
  • Various bug fixes and stability enhancements

Instructions for Updating Your App:


My phone, moto G5 plus is in version 3.17 but says it is up to date. Is there any way to force the update?


I’m afraid not.


still on roll out?
google play store still has last version listed…


That’s how a staggered release works. You won’t see the new version in the Play Store until it is available to you.
Yes, it is still rolling out on schedule.


I know, just checking. sometimes, an app will get updated and released to the play store but for some reason never makes it…
btw, I had to sideload the Feb. sec. update to my 6p today. because it never got it during the month of FEB… so things don’t always go as planed…
seems that happen to the RW app a while back update, sent to the play store, but never took… RW had to fix it…

in other words just making sure history did not repeat itself… :stuck_out_tongue:


Still no update. It’s been more than a week. My interpretation of a “few days” is no more than 3 or 4.


Hi @larc919,

This is a slower and more deliberate rollout than most. It is currently at 10%, but if all continues to go well, the rate will increase over the course of next week.


We have not gotten the update yet. Just wondering since it’s March 2nd


@josephs.humgw3 Southpaw just added a reply yesterday that the update has only rolled out at 10%. It looks like if there are no problems, the rollout rate will increase next week.


@southpaw, why a slower rollout? Just curious.


Just a guess, but there was new function added and not just bug fixes. The new function was the integration into the Republic Wireless App of the Android Spam Call Blocking function that was introduced in OS 7.0.

  • This is found in the RW App under Advanced Settings (afik doc is in the works, but it seemed pretty self explanatory (if call is from an unknown number user will have the opportunity to add them to the block list)
    • I just got a few mins ago
  • Here is the announce from the developers …thanks team
    New! Quickly Block Unknown Calls from the Republic Wireless App


That’s what I would suspect as well.


Hi @ithink2020,

I checked with the engineers on your question, and it turns out I was incorrect. (Sorry, won’t be the last time. :see_no_evil: ) The standard roll-out is about 2 weeks. There have been times when we’ve shortened the process, but we’re rolling this one out according to our normal procedure.

I apologize if the phrasing “over the next few days” caused anyone to think they had somehow missed out on it, been blocked from receiving it, or that we had cancelled it. It is still rolling out as scheduled and is currently available to 50% of our 3.0 phones.


It’s all good, I was just wondering. Every developer has their own rollout schedule and being new to RW, I don’t know what is typical. Thank you for the information!


I just got it today… Doesn’t look like much has changed. Probably mostly back end stuff but it is working Great! Keep up the good work.


Hi @l33tlinuxh4x0r

I think the big change is the addition of the “Call Blocker” function. Probably not a big deal unless you start getting ‘plagued’ by them, and great if that condition exists.

There are ways for telemarketers to get around things, but it actually has been working well on a recent ‘bout’ with one such entity.


They may have added it to the Republic app but my phone (Google Pixel XL) has had that feature for a long time now. I kind of find it to be annoying as it is another notification to dismiss after and already annoying call. Hopefully having it off in the republic app will disable it in my phone settings as well.

EDIT: The nice thing about this is that it identifies restaurants an businesses and there is no way to have just that feature without the spam blocking feature afaik.


Hi @ithink2020 and @larc919,

Our developers have shortened the wait time! This update has now been pushed to 100% availability in the Google Play Store. It can take up to 24 hours for it to become available for your phone.


Got mine last night! Thank you!