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A new version of the Republic Wireless app began a staged rollout today, July 3, 2018, for Republic Wireless 3.0 phones. We’ll continue to release it in a staged rollout over the next few weeks.

Release Notes

Release Date: 07/03/18


App Version:


  • Fix for some calling/messaging issues

Instructions for Updating Your App

Update: Voice Calls Only notification with outbound call failure "tones" and inbound messaging delays

For additional information on this app see this discussion (key summary at the top by @southpaw
as well as the comment added evening 7/3/18)


How do I get the RW update. my version is and when I go to the play store it does not give me the option to update the RW app. Thank you. I have a Moto G4.


It’s a staged rollout so not everyone gets it at once. I haven’t gotten it either.


Hi @timg.g8r326,

The app is currently available to only 10% of our My Choice members, and will continue to roll out methodically next week.

Are you experiencing all of the symptoms described in Update: Voice Calls Only notification with outbound call failure "tones" and inbound messaging delays on a very regular basis?


Ok. I ave noticed it only happens when I have switched between 2 or more wifi spots. Thank you.


well this seems to be a hit & miss problem for me for 3 months now. It was fine up until couple days ago.
I’m fed up with having to trouble shoot my own phone that i’ve paid good money to use on a network where the wifi is unreliable. That must be one of the reasons why you all keep changing the prices because nobody can always be connected to a wifi network, so we have to buy an additional 1 gb of data to make up for the unreliable wifi connection.
I have a samsung galaxy s7 with tracphone and i’ve always been connected to wifi service at my house with NO prolems at all…So if this issue isn’t fixed soon, I WILL BE CANCELLING my service with RW.
This is def. getting old!


The WiFi connection is between your phone and the Router which is either owned by you or provided by your ISP. The quality of are phones connection to Republic is for the most part a responsibility the we alone can control.
Over the years of Republics use of the Internet & WiFi connection, they have made many improvements to their network to overcome the common things that plague all users. They even have engineered alternate methods to run data from our phones over parallel paths when our WiFi is lacking.
I would suggest that you consider starting another thread, so that the community can help you get the best out of whatever your environment, equipment and ISP that you may have in place. To this end over the years I have collected a bit of information that points out the common problems and ways around them.

Update: Voice Calls Only notification with outbound call failure "tones" and inbound messaging delays

The staged roll-out of Republic Wireless App Update version was completed this morning, though it may take up to 24 hours before everyone sees it as available in the Google Play Store. @timg.g8r326, have you been able to update yet?


Yes, I was able to update it this morning and so far it seems to be working. I did not have any trouble at work, unsure about at home. Thank you.


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