Republic Wireless App Update: Version - 07/10/18


A new version of the Republic Wireless app began a staged rollout today, July 10, 2018, for Republic Wireless 3.0 phones. We’ll continue to release it in a staged rollout over the next few weeks.

Release Notes

Release Date: 07/10/18


App Version:


  • Fix for Chrome bug that prevented in-app plan changes or data purchases.

Instructions for Updating Your App

Moto g5s+ Randomly rebooted multiple times

So I still haven’t seen the previous new version. Which one will show up? Is the old new release superceded in the rollout process, or will I see the old new one first?


Hi @Majorninth,

I updated two topics earlier to indicate that the staged rollout for was completed this morning and that it can take up to 24 hours for it to become available to everyone in the Google Play Store. You will most likely see that one before you see this newer one.


p.s. @Majorninth,

We’re currently anticipating completion of this staged roll-out by Friday 7/13, however do keep in mind that one of the purposes of a staged roll-out is to monitor for issues. The rollout could be accelerated or slowed if our engineers feel either is necessary.

If you are in need of a data plan change or added data and urgently awaiting this update, please remember that plans can still be adjusted on on Wi-Fi, by support ticket request, or I will be glad to help you with it (but I have very limited access to a computer this week).


Not a problem as the older app is working just fine for me. I was just wondering about being 2 releases behind at this point which would end up being loaded.


The R.W. app uses Google Chrome as its embedded browser wrapper?


All apps use whatever webview engine is configured on the phone as the default webview engine when accessing the web.


o. I have Chrome disabled and use Opera beta.
I hadn’t experienced the issue mentioned in the changelog, so maybe that is why, I don’t use Chrome.


Although there were no issues with version, our engineers have made some additional improvements, and halted this release. @beng will post a new Announcement as the new version begins to roll out.


Interestingly Opera uses the Chromium engine that is the open source start that Chrome is built out of.