Republic Wireless App Update: Version - 07/17/18



A new version of the Republic Wireless app began a staged rollout today, July 17, 2018, for Republic Wireless 3.0 phones. We’ll continue to release it in a staged rollout over the next few weeks.

Release Notes

Release Date: 07/17/18


App Version:


  • Fix for Chrome bug that prevented in-app plan changes or data purchases.

Instructions for Updating Your App


Some of us hadn’t even gotten the previous update and now we’re waiting AGAIN.


It is my understanding that the new image released yesterday will replace the older one you haven’t gotten yet. So when your number comes up you will be provided the latest by Google Play (the distribution system)


Hi @rokphish,

What version do you currently have?

Do you feel you are at risk of needing to add cellular data when you have no access to Wi-Fi between now and early next week?


I currently have version

And no, I do not think I’ll be needing to add cell data, but I do feel that having to run an additional app, MacroDroid, to keep my WiFi connection alive during Doze periods, is somewhat detrimental to daily battery capacity. I understand the new update addresses this issue in part and want to see for myself if this is true.


The only difference between and is the workaround for an issue we are seeing that is preventing members from being able to add data if they have used up all cellular data and Wi-Fi is not available.

May I ask where you got that information? If it’s incorrectly documented somewhere we need to fix it.


Sorry … I reread the post in the Voice Calls Only Message thread and I now understand they were not referring to the Doze issue, but a different issue. My bad.