Republic Wireless App Update: Version 3.20



A new version of the Republic Wireless app began a staged rollout today, April 26, 2018, for Republic Wireless 3.0 phones. We’ll continue to release it in a staged rollout over the next few weeks.

Release Notes

Release Date: 04/26/18


App Version:


  • Free access to 30 million Republic verified WiFi hotspots, enable in app settings

Instructions for Updating Your App

Instructions for Enabling Republic Verified WiFi Hotspots

When will version 3.20 be ready for my RW app?
WIFI says its connected but its not

Cool … RW Team just keeps making WiFi 1st a reality!!!


I always seem to be the last person to get these updates. Weeks go by. I guess, on the plus side of that is the reliability of the update is pretty well assured before in goes on my phone. But, it’s like saying, “Here’s a little present. But, you can’t open it until next month!”


agreed, sounds like a cool update though.


Is there a way to force update the R.W. App?
Or a Official channel to get the apk to side-load the newer app?
(the sites i go to to get .apk and app history hasn’t updated to 3.20 yet.)


I’m afraid the answer to both is no :crying_cat_face:, as part of the purpose of a staged rollout is carefully limiting the distribution.


I assume there isn’t a beta program public users can join?
I have a few apps that just have a “Join Beta” button shown on the Play Store page for easy enroll of beta (pre-release) versions of the particular app.


We have a very small, limited beta; I will keep you in mind if I’m asked to recommend additional participants.


I do not seem to have the 3.20 version update that will give me the wi-fi hotspot choice.

Republic Wireless App Update: Version 3.20
When will version 3.20 be ready for my RW app?

Another 2- 3 weeks for complete rollout with no way to speed that up for a particular phone. Please see here: Republic Wireless App Update: Version 3.20.


I know we are supposed to be patient waiting for the new update. Is there any way we can get access to the map showing where all these millions of hotspots will be located? Or at least an idea as to who owns/provides these hotspots?


I don’t believe the map is ready. And, I don’t believe there’s a single owner or provider of the hotspots.


Was just looking for a general idea 30 million is a lot of hotspots. I assumed that it would be many many groups and not a single owner. I.e. all east coast Starbucks, plus all spectrum wifi, plus hotel chains, plus all airports, etc, etc. Something like that.


So far Target, McDonalds, Burger King, and Zaxby’s have auto verified with this new update. (for me).


Since when does Target stores have public wifi?? lol.


All those in my area have for years. Do they not where you are?


Honestly, I never noticed or checked. Ill have to be more observant next time I’m out.
I don’t really think of it unless there is noticeable “Free WiFI” sign or if I need to look up something in store and can’t get data connection to work.
Though, the majority of my in-store shopping is simply to do the in-store pick up thing.
So, just walk in, right to pickup desk, walk out.

I still haven’t gotten the new R.W app update yet. :eyes:


Target had free WiFi before WalMart did, at least in my area. Didn’t even have to verify when they first started it.


So the new app automatically connects to republic verified addresses. There was a news thingy on the 10pm news here awhile ago where the setup a white hat hacker with a WiFi hotspot and a laptop sniffer a a hotel outside pool and named it “hotel name pool” then went around and interviewed the people poolside about wifi security. I know with the pre 3.20 app we are on our own with accepting t and c and possibly getting hacked. How does the 3.20 app and republic verified wifi hotspots handle the situation? Are the verified hotspots Mac addresses kept in a database or is it just assumed it’s ok somehow?


I know that Google’s built in version of this…automatically enables their own built in VPN. This then protects users from the risks of using open wifi. But does has the con of blocking access to video streaming service apps that don’t allow VPN, such as Netfilx/Hulu.

As far as I have read, this new R.W Verified wifi feature has no such VPN that comes on. So your usage is wide open for anyone to see and capture. ( I have done this kind of thing myself for a College project)

I would recomend you use a VPN app when u are on public open WiFi. I personally recommend Private Internet Access.

But if you are more tech savy, and have a higher end home router, you may be able to setup your own VPN to your home router. Using PPTP or OpenVPN. Most Asus routers have this option built in.