Republic Wireless App Update: Version 3.20



The question I was really asking was what makes a republic verified hotspot a verified hotspot vs any old hotspot?


Only the hotspot gods know the answer to that question. :wink:


I haven’t seen the R.W get updated on APK mirror sites as of yet.

Would be great if someone could export the .apk.

Or if R.W. just had it available in these update announcement posts, for those who want to have it immediately, they can.


This defeats one of the reasons for a slow roll out [I will point out this is the first time I’ve seen them call a roll out slow]
The point of slow roll out is a system test, find bugs and not over load backend servers, if they offered a .APK they could run into issues as most would grab it on day one
[I would not we still in the middle of the 2nd week of the 2-3 weeks]


I would think the majority of R.W. customers wouldn’t concern themselves with apks or even know how to side load an app. But I could be wrong of course.

And whether or not R.W offers it directly, or a mirror apk site that hosts and updates apps as they are released via Google Play, it would not make any difference. The R.W. Apk is out there for others to sideload. I guess that since its not as popular an app, say as Facebook, such sites do not update it as often.

I would rather have those more tech savy folks grab and use the app as soon as it posts, and have them report any issues they experience, rather than just random users over the course of a few weeks. But thats just me. :sunglasses:

(I am spoiled by having a Google phone. I specifically bought it so that I could get the OS updates as soon as they were out. )


I both understand and empathize with the enthusiasm. That said, patience grasshopper. :slightly_smiling_face:


Humm…now 5/18 and I’m still on version of the RW app
Is done with it’s staged roll out? Did I miss it?


Nope… Still ongoing.


Thank you louisdi for the info :slight_smile:


It would be nice if they could say “we found some minor issues and are working on them” or “testing is proceeding nicely and we expect to increase rollout and finish by xxx”. Hearing nothing seems to imply serious issues.


Hi @Majorninth,

I believe we’re currently at 50% rollout. I’ll be glad to update you on the current target date for 100% later tonight, I don’t have the info in front of me right now, or one of our @Experts can chime in with that info.

We’ve had no issues, though we did find one insignificant UI mistake that was corrected, and have accelerated the rollout.

It’s ok to ask directly when you have questions, rather than talking about us in the third person and making assumptions that something has gone wrong.


Here they said 3 weeks, about 2 weeks ago: Republic Wireless App Update: Version 3.20


Actually Southpaw said 100% rollout by end of Tuesday 26 days ago.


Where did she say that?


100% planned for 5/23.


Sorry, didn’t mean to step on any toes. Also it appears that I got the version wrong. My bad.


So…how does updating apps work via Google Play?

What i mean is that, must the “roll out” of an update be 100% then inorder for the newest version to show on public Google Play store for everyone (R.W customer or not).?


There is a post 100% stage that makes it appear as the current version. In case you feel the need to dig in:


No toes felt stepped on, just want to assure you it’s ok to ask questions.


Thanks @louisdi.

Keep in mind though, @Majorninth, that is a target date and could change, and any change may not necessarily mean there was an issue.