Republic Wireless App Update: Version 3.20



Understood. But when an big announcement is made people get ancy wanting the new shiny. Especially when nothing is said for weeks. Just saying.


Republic has been trying to balance the desire to talk about things and expectation setting since they launched the service. For most of its life Republic would simply say nothing until the very last moment in order to avoid setting expectations. I prefer the new Republic that takes some more chances.


Hi @Majorninth,

We definitely understand, we like new shiny, too. This is why we initially set the expectation that this would be a very deliberate, slow roll-out over several weeks. We were hoping to stave off the need for some of the “are we there yet” queries.

We have moved the release to 100% this morning. It does still take some time for the Google Play Store to make the app available after our developers make this change, but we would expect it to become available to all My Choice members who have access to the Google Play Store within the next 24 hours.


For those anxiously waiting. It typically takes some time for the RW app to advise the update is available. On my three lines the app still says “Up to date” while the update is shown available via the Play Store app.



it showed up as update for me this morning. Sweet!


I finally got it this morning, so assume everybody else has it now as I’m usually last to get RW updates. BTW, has anything leaked about whose hotspot system this will tie into?


My top secret source (meaning I’m making this whole thing up and it’s just a wild guess) says it’s iPass.



Really would only be a concern for those with Play Store app auto updates disabled and trusting in the RW app to advise an updaee was available…

Two plus days later app still reporting “Up to date” on two of my phones on 3.19.



Yes, thank you. I have seen both your messages on the matter.


I have no clue what iPass is, would you be able to elaborate a little?

Also, I’ve had the option turned for a couple days now (at least it feels like it) and I’ve only encountered one “Republic Verified” hotspot: my local Target’s free WiFi. Still had to accept the terms and conditions though, so it wasn’t really automatic or easier to access than normal.

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Gogole searched ipass and found their website.

Intelligent Connectivity

Global mobile connectivity technology that keeps people and things securely and invisibly connected to the best network available

Appears to be a wifi network company of some sort.


iPass is one of several WiFi network operators and hotspot aggregators which provide the ability to more easily connect to WiFi networks/hotspots.

Like I said earlier, it’s just a guess that iPass is the company behind free access to 30 million Republic verified WiFi hotspots. It could any of the other WiFi aggregators operating today (Boingo, Devicescape, etc…).


@Majorninth We work with a partner to ensure that hotspots are vetted prior to connection. They maintain a database of BSSIDs that are part of their network and we will only connect to those networks.


You are correct:


Thanks for pointing us to the PR announcement of the partnership between Republic and iPass


Does this mean that the location map will now be made available in the RW app?