Republic Wireless App Update: Version - 02/20/19



A new version of the Republic Wireless app is being slowly rolled out over the next few weeks. See our release notes :point_down: for more info!


According to the release notes:


* Support for additional phone models.

Go on…I’m listening…


we don’t have an official release date but we know the Moto G7 phones are coming this Spring, also Samsung is getting ready to launch the Galaxy S10 soon that I would expect Republic to support (assuming they release a North American Factory unlock like they done for the last couple generations)


I hope it’s more than that. We need some excitement around here.


I agree! It would be nice to see some phones with the higher mp camera sensors. Sony or LG for instance. S10s and G7s look like more of the same old same old. Hard to justify an upgrade.


higher MP does not = better camera as the lens and post processing are also major factors, by just about every 3rd party reviewer puts the Pixel line , Galaxy S/Note lines and the iPhones as top in the camera department

I would welcome a larger selection of phones and who know what phones are in the works for the future (all I know is I plan on keeping My Moto Z2 Play for at least 2 more years before I upgrade again)

all phones are looking more and more the same as the OEM are copying the best features from each other.
in my opinion one should only upgrade when one’s current phone is not performing as expect or a must have feature comes out (which for me I have not seen in awhile)


Very much so.

For example, the older Moto X Pure is 21MP…but it is junk camera compared to the 12MP Pixel 3 camera.


I would like to see some Nokia phones


Would be nice to have Essential Phone as an BYOD option


2yr old phone now, that was only a niche phone with very little units sold to begin with…Not to mention the person behind the company quit and they have canceled further production entirely. Probably not going to be supported.