Republic Wireless App Update: Version

A new version of the Republic Wireless app is being slowly rolled out over the next week.

This update brings various bug fixes and enhancements. See our release notes :point_down: for more info!


There is no useful info in the release notes.


Hi @ceedee,

Thanks for the feedback. One purpose of the release notes is to demonstrate that this is a legitimate release, as some people sometimes question whether they are being prompted to update an app by some other nefarious app or hack.

The release notes also let you know the target window during which the release will roll out, so that if you don’t see it today, you know it’s not yet time to panic and ask why you haven’t gotten the update.

There are no specific details in the release notes as to what’s new or different because the changes are not user-facing. They are back-end adjustments that will improve the overall experience, affect only certain phones, or satisfy some Google Play Store regulations.

Yea, everybody does it! I like your last paragraph. Maybe that’s what you include when it’s all “internal” stuff. Cheers.


Perhaps they could indicate this in a bit more detail like you just did rather than some boiler plate “we fixed some suff and were not going to tell you what”? I for one would like to know a bit more detail even if it was just “timing adjustments for handoff” or “fixes for possible crash cases” or some such.


Thanks, @Majorninth, I’ll share these ideas with the apk team.


If nothing is user facing, then why is that info not in the release notes. Would that be very difficult? Why do all companies use the word “enhancements”, but never explain it? Or is a bug fix now an enhancement?

As you can see this is a pet peeve with us “users”. I echo the same as other commenters.

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