Republic Wireless App Update Version

A new version of the Republic Wireless app is being slowly rolled out over the next few weeks.

See our release notes :point_down: for more info about the timing of this release!

This release brings the following:

  • New call blocking options
  • Added a Data Freeze widget so you can toggle your cell data on and off without opening the app (Thanks to Max L from NM and Community member @davidw for this great feature request!)
  • Improvements made for our ongoing Orion beta
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Screenshots and information

New Call Blocking Options


You will now see two new options in the Republic app’s Call and Voicemail Settings.

  • Calls from unsaved numbers
  • Calls from unsaved Neighbor Numbers



Each one provides the option of allowing these calls, or sending them straight to voicemail. We are not allowing complete blocking of these numbers as we do for the suspected spammers setting, because these are more likely to be a call from a doctor, pharmacist, school, or another legitimate caller.

(There is no change to the suspected spammers settings.)

Data Freeze Widget

Are you familiar with our Data Freeze feature? Nestled deep inside the Republic app is an option that allows our members to disable cellular data without disabling the data our app needs in order to deliver your calls and texts. If you’re trying to make sure your apps only use cellular data when you permit them to, this feature allows you that control.

Some members like this function, but have found it to be so hard to access that it’s not practical at times. When you want to turn Data Freeze on or off, it takes four taps to do so inside the Republic app: open RW app, tap settings gear, tap Data Tools, tap Data Freeze… and that’s assuming you know where the setting is and don’t have to tap around to find it! It’s just not a quick solution when you’re on the go and realize your data is frozen and you need it turned on.

So, at our members’ request, we bring you the Data Freeze Widget.

A widget is an app tool you can add directly to your phone’s home screen, so you can have app functionality without having to open the app.

Beginning with app version 3.29.0, you can add a “Data Freeze” widget to your home screen. Then, with a single glance, you can see the current Data Freeze state and tap to toggle it.


Data is currently on. Tapping will freeze it.


Data is currently frozen (disabled). Tapping will turn it on.

If you’re not sure how to add a widget to your home screen, please see these instructions:

I’ve added the Data Freeze toggle to my second home screen so I don’t accidentally bump it as I know I would do if it were on my main home screen. If you find this widget useful, share a screenshot showing where you’ve added it to your home screen!

Let us know if you have any questions about using the Data Freeze Widget.


I seem to be way behind, as my app version is

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Me too. is the version just prior to The first two numbers of the version string are of more import than the last two.

As the initial post says, version is being slowly rolled out. This is typical for the way app updates are rolled out via Google’s Play Store. It will arrive. Good things come to those who wait. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edited to Add:

If folks are checking their current version in the Republic app itself hoping to see the update available there, the better approach is to look for the update in Google’s Play Store app. Due to the nature of the way app updates roll out, it may not be available to you yet but you’ll likely see it there first.

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