Republic Wireless App Update Version

A new version of the Republic Wireless app is being rolled out over the next couple of weeks.

This update brings changes to data usage reporting and architectural improvements for future development. See our release notes :point_down: for more info!

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On my Moto running A11, the data usage summary does not appear to have a sort capability. I’d like to see “most to least.” I realize that this is an Android issue.

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With this new version, it’s no longer possible to see data usage for a particular day. Without a day-by-day bar graph, there’s no longer any useful information about data usage. It would be interesting to hear why this was considered an improvement.

Last month the Republic Anywhere app stopped working on Windows computers, so I had to find a new messaging app. Now the Republic Wireless App has lost its usefulness. I’m not happy with the direction Republic seems to be headed. What’s next?

Hi @moonyecka and welcome to the Community!

I don’t know that anyone including Republic considers it to be an improvement. As I understand it, the reality of the situation is newer versions of Android preclude third party apps from reading data usage by other apps. The ability to display data used by other apps is now limited to an Android phone’s operating system’s Settings app, which is why on newer versions of Android (Android 10 and up), Republic’s app simply redirects to the phone’s Settings app. On older versions of Android (Android 9 and below), the Republic app still tracks data in the app itself.

For better or worse, Google (Android is Google’s operating system) has decided this approach is more secure. The information presented by a phone’s Android Settings app is the domain of Google and/or the phone’s manufacturer and beyond Republic’s control.

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