Republic Wireless App Update Version

A new version of the Republic Wireless app is being slowly rolled out over the next few weeks.

This update brings a solution for cellular connectivity issues on certain Samsung A-Series phones after updating to Android R. See our release notes for more info!

I tape on "Republic app update available in my notification shade.
That takes me to Play Store where I’m at the Republic app with Open highlighted,. I tap on that.
Now I’m in the app. I go to Your Phone Info
To the right of App Version it says Click to Update. I tap on that.
Now I’m back at the Play Store with the option to Open.
This is an endless loop

Hi @billg,

The Play Store app, not each individual app, manages the updating of apps.

It sounds like the Play Store app is not presenting you the option to “Update” the Republic app. This isn’t urgent, since you aren’t using one of the A-series phones impacted by the Android R release, however you might see if any of these steps straighten out the confusion the Play Store app seems to be experiencing:

I did a “force Stop” on the Play Store app. That fixed it. Thanks!

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If this update is for Samsung phone users, then why am I receiving it? I have a Motorola phone.
Do I still need to install this update?
How do I remove the notification from my phone?

Hi @hillarybl,

To streamline development and testing, we maintain one version of the app rather than a variety of versions for different phones.

Typically, an update to the app would include multiple bug fixes and enhancements, affecting a range of phones, however, we needed to get this update out quickly because of the level of impact to the phones involved, so it is a very specific update. We’ve received some feedback from members that they want to know more about the updates, not just a generic “bug fixes” statement in the release notes, so we were very specific as to what this update resolves. The issue this resolves is specific to certain Samsung models, but the update will not harm other phones.

To get rid of the notification, simply update the app.

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