Republic Wireless App Update Version

A new version of the Republic Wireless app is being rolled out over the next two weeks.

This update brings bug fixes for future service updates. See our release notes :point_down: for more info!

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I have version 3.30.22 on my phone. All my voicemails have vanished. Will they be restored after this “update?”

Hi @cydunning,

Visual Voicemail tab and its on-again, off-again ability to populate with your voicemail is not a direct function of the Republic app and does not address this issue. Visual Voicemail is a function of the Phone app.

At the moment, we believe the current issue is due to some sort of conflict in recent updates to the Phone app and Messages app. As we’ve been discussing in Voice Mail Box Not showing voice mails, some of us have noticed that if we uninstall updates to the Messages app, Visual Voicemail works again.

Another option is to uninstall updates to the Phone app.

Our developers are looking into the issue.

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