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As many of you know, we released an update to the Republic Wireless app to 10% of our members, starting on July 24. Click here to read our Announcement regarding this new version of our app.

With this new version, we resolved an issue on Nougat devices that prevented our app from updating automatically (if you have this option enabled in the Google Play Store). This will allow you to stay up-to-date with the current version of our app without needing to manually check for updates.

Additionally, we’re always looking for ways to improve our app and service, and significant part of our effort is working to future-proof our application. This led us to another change you will notice in this version of the app - a change in the behavior of the Republic Wireless app notification. In the past, the Republic Wireless notification, and by extension, the Republic arc at the top left of your phone’s status bar, has always been a persistent notification that could not be dismissed (swiped away). In app version 3.14, this behavior has changed on Nougat phones - our notification will no longer be persistent, and you will be able to dismiss this notification just like any other Android notification.

If you do dismiss the notification, don’t worry! Our app is still running and functioning correctly in the background. The icon will be displayed again anytime a network connection change is made (ie, moving from WiFi to cell, cell to WiFi, etc).


It’s interesting that you say “don’t worry” – but the purpose of the Republic Arc in the top-left of the status bar, was to eliminate worry – by eliminating it the arc, you caused customer worry. Customer worry is not whether your “app is still running and functioning correctly in the background,” customers worry about whether it is connected to wi-fi or cell – when you removed the persistent arc, you removed simple verification of connection type.

(Yes, I know its not really gone – but it was nice to always have it there, rather than being able to retrieve it)


I agree with nicholasb. The arc in the top left corner of my G4 Plus was an easy way to see at a glance if my phone was using cell or wi-fi signals. The notification actually helped me discover a router was going bad because my phone was showing cell connections when I should have been on my home network.

The more annoying issue is the arc notification that now appears in the bottom center of the screen during when it’s in the low-energy display mode. Before, I could trust the notifications displayed here were new texts, missed calls or other important items. Not anymore. This new notification arc is more obtrusive than the old reliable arc in the notification bar. Is there a way to go back to the old notification system?


Good tip!


Hi @stevenm.cqxqvr, could you clarify what you mean by this?
Are you referring to when your display is dark? And the notification is causing it to wake the screen?
Also to confirm - Is this with the Moto G4 Plus?

I have same problem. I cannot turn the notification off. (In setting of Republic app, all boxes are unchecked for notification) It keep pop up saying I switch wifi to cell as I move around in town. It is very annoying as it wake my cell. I have looked at my cell repeatly as it wake when I thought I was getting the calls/texts. Mine is Moto 4G plus.

Hi @raymondh.nyhiw9 - The option in the Republic app “Always show the Republic notification” is only for the arc in the status bar. When pulling down the status bar, you’ll still see the Republic notification there. In a way, these are two separate notifications.


hi derekc, my Moto G4 Plus is doing exactly that. Every time the network connection changes, the screen wakes momentary to discplay the Arc notification.

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The Sleep screen notifications are controlled by your Moto app. To open this app, open the app drawer by tapping on the white circle with the six dots in it at the bottom of your home screen. Then tap on the Moto app
Then tap on Display. This opens the screen where you will be able to turn off the sleep screen notification altogether, Select how much detail is displayed or tap on Block apps to choose to block individual app displays on the sleep screen, including republic wireless, by tapping on the blue circle with the + in the middle. You can play around with the settings to see what you like the best on the sleep screen.


Thanks for the info. I was hoping not to block all the notifications from the Republic app, but it seems like it’s an all or nothing choice.

That will only block them on the sleep screen. You will still receive them on the notifications bar at the top when you unlock your screen.
You can see if it works that way for you. I personally don’t like any notifications on the sleep screen, as you can see by my screenshot. Only the time and date fade in on my G4PLUS.

Hi Derek,

It seems the latest upgrade (and the change in notifications) is a very popular topic.

I snipped this image from another discussion thread (Republic Wireless App Update: Version post #4 in that thread). Some people describe this as a low energy display. The screen will be completely off, and something triggers this screen to illuminate. It could be tipping the phone left to right or a sensor detects my hand moving above the phone. I’m not sure what all sets it off. But, this screen will display for only a couple seconds before it turns off completely again. As you can see, it shows the clock in the top center and any notifications in the bottom center.

Under the new and “improved” notifications, the Republic arc appears in this display every time the connection resets between cell signals and wifi connections. Sadly, it does this frequently. Which means the Republic arc (either filled or unfilled) is nearly as much a part of this screen display as the clock. And, frankly, I don’t care much for it. Now, with the nearly constant Republic arc in the display, a mere glance is not enough to see if I missed a text or call.

The 2nd frustration with this new setup is that dismissing the notification from the low power screen also turns it off in the notifications bar. The least obtrusive method I found for clearing the notification from the low power display, yet leaving the notification bar display in place, is a quick press of the power button. This fully turns on the screen for 2-4 seconds and wipes out the image on the low energy display (at least for the next 5 minutes until the connection status changes again).

Since a few other people seem to be having the same issue with their G4 Plus.

Look above to Grandboby’s response (the one with pictures). Since you have a Motorola phone, you can shut it off in the Moto app. I’ve done it on My G4 Plus and it works perfectly. No more arc on the low power display.


I did that before @grandbobby posted those instructions. It blocks it from being on the low-energy display, but keeps the notification everywhere else. This was a satisfactory solution for me. I did this on my Moto G5 Plus


Not happening in this case. Very unhappy with this change and constant problems

Thank you so much for posting this. I had forgotten about the Moto app on my G5 Plus. The arc being on my sleep screen has been really bugging me.

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Put the arc back - I would like it if you’d make it green again like in Beta days for that matter… The ARC IS IMPORTANT - pretty obvious by all the commentary…


Hi @peggyalexander,

I think Republic would like to be able to do as you (and others) have suggested. The reality is given the direction Google is taking Android; it’s not going to be realistic.


Wow. What an astonishingly bad idea. My Moto phone loses the Republic WiFi connection on every third incoming phone call, if it lies perpendicular to the WIFi Router, or whenever it tries to get a 5 GHz signal. The continuous notification allows me to look at other things besides my phone and then confirm a connection with a minimum of interactions. It seems like the UI design team at Republic does not understand basic interface functionality beyond their personal experience and predilections.

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