Republic Wireless Becomes Separate Company

We just posted Republic Wireless Becomes Separate Company. Please leave your questions and comments here.


Cool are there any chance of going public? Go Public ?

did you get a new CEO or do you still have the same guy that CEO of Bandwidth?

Edit Just got a “Important Republic Wireless Announcement” Email from a new Republic CEO Chris Chuang so I guess this has been answered

I take it your numbers are still being serviced by Bandwidth (like many other VOIP companies

I personally do not expect any major changes due to this


Congratulations!!! This is excellent!


Very cool. Congratulations! Looking forward to a more nimble Republic Wireless. I hope the spun off Republic Wireless managed to retain their key employees.


Congratulations!!! I look forward to sharing the days ahead with your company and appreciate your innovative approach to this industry. I also want to congratulate co-founder Chris Chuang with his new leadership role as CEO.


Woot! I been here since day 1!


Congratulations! I have been with you since November 2012 (still in beta). I cannot imagine ever changing to another service provider. It has been fun to watch this company develop and grow! Keep up the good work!!!


You made The Verge:

Republic Wireless celebrates its new independence with six months of free service - The Verge

“Republic is offering the Moto Z Play for $349 between December 7th and 12th, and the Huawei Ascend 5W for $129 between December 13th and 19th. Both handsets will come with a contract-free six months of free service with unlimited calls and texts, and 1GB of data.”

Congrats to RW for this move. There are some real benefits in a company being spun off. It offers the possibility of growth and even going public. It also puts the company in a position to be acquired if it’s so inclined and a favorable opportunity presents itself. Not suggesting anything, but I can’t help believing the major carriers will be looking seriously at wi-fi/cell setups for themselves. The concept is just too good for them to pass up. Starting out with a well-organized operation should present far fewer problems than doing it from scratch.


Thank god your not changing any logos! I have a nice collection of RW stuff now and would hate to start all over again. The RW spam was the best.

*** ~~ßocephous™ ***


bocephous wrote:

The RW spam was the best.

*** ~~ßocephous™ ***

You mean swag, right?

No he means SPAM

one of the Swag some of us got was a can of SPAM (for flagging lots of Spam post here on the forum) it cam with a nice handwritten card thanking us)

SPAM! With Chorizo!


To customers this change means nothing, unless they take it public.

A takeover by a major carrier would more likely be for control of the patent portfolio and then they would shut RW down.


Republic going public isn’t the only possibility. Perhaps, the other way around: to Spin Off Wi-Fi Cellphone Service Republic Wireless - WSJ?

The big 4 are already doing WiFi calling. T-Mobile’s been doing it for some time (at first very poorly but now rather good in my experience). Given they have their own solutions and that presumably Republic’s technology remains tied to Bandwidth’s network (at least for now), I’d think Republic might make an attractive potential acquisition target for someone but not one of the big 4.

A spinoff of Republic from Bandwidth doesn’t necessarily mean the patents were spun off as well. Time will tell.


Without the patents RW has little value. And funding was $30M before cost of sale.

Spinning off Republic need not be intended as the precursor to a sale. As I said time will tell. There is an argument to be made for Bandwidth retaining the patents (the ability to license those patents to others). And since the Wall Street Journal quotes Mr. Morken as considering taking Bandwidth not Republic public, there is another argument for Bandwidth keeping at least some of the patents.


Woo hoo ! Big step- Good Luck to all, - any company with a Pythonesque outlook on work will do fine.

Thanks for that link. From it I see:

“ rival Twilio Inc. went public earlier this year and now has a market value of roughly $3 billion.”

But looking further I also see that 3-months ago Twilio stock was worth twice what it is today.

Remember Earthlink? They are merging with another company and both of them are trying to work their way out of debt.

Our economy has been a disaster for small businesses while Forbes lamented today that “Amazon’s Takeover Of The Economy Is The Real Threat To American Jobs”.

If Project Fi were not being so pathetically mismanaged I don’t think Republic would have much of a chance.

I think we have again entered an age of Robber Barrons. They don’t give a flip about customers and they stamp out any upstart who does.

I certainly hope Republic Wireless will thrive, no matter what form they take.

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