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My wife and I have been Republic users for a few years with few complaints. We currently reside in Iowa and make trips through South Dakota and North Dakota via Interstate I-29. We notice, especially in the Dakotas that our data does not connect. (We try to use weather apps and Google Maps on the road; these apps often times do not connect.)

I understand that Republic uses Sprint and T-Mobile towers. I also have read that Sprint is virtually non-existent in the South Dakota area while T-Mobile has decent coverage. But I’ve ALSO read that Sprint and T-Mobile have merged. All this to ask, what steps can I take to have better connectivity on I-29 while traveling? In all honesty, this is a make-or-break issue with Republic, if we cannot connect during this trip.

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Hi @mpsguitar and welcome to the Community!

Depending upon the model and the SIM they are provisioned with, Republic activated phones use either T-Mobile’s or Sprint’s legacy network. They, generally, do not use both.

Looking at the maps; both T-Mobile network and legacy Sprint network coverage is a mixed bag along the I-29 corridor in the Dakotas, ranging from excellent to non-existent. On balance, I would say T-Mobile network coverage is better than legacy Sprint network coverage.

The companies have merged, however, as of now the networks remain mostly separate.

We would need to know more about the phones involved and the SIMs with which they are provisioned. As a starting point, may we know the brand(s), model(s) and generation(s) of those phones?

Thanks for your replies thus far. This question is in regards to two phones my wife and I use:

Me: Motorola Power 2021
My wife: Motorola Power 2020

Let me know if you need any more information.

Thanks in advance!

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