Republic wireless coverage is down everywhere for me

I have been a customer of RW for over 5 years and have owned a motoX gen 1 for about 3 years. Recently I can’t make calls or text or use data in Iowa, MN or WI. I get coverage bars and no data and and a ! next to my bars all the time. When I try to place a call it will say “calling via cell” then doesn’t ring or do anything. What do I do? I’ve rebooted updated everything and still the problem persists. The phone only works on WIFI and I have the 25 unlimited everything plan.

Thanks for your presence and sorry to hear about you your issue. Were you in same named states and locations during your previous 5 years with RW. Have you recently upgraded to one of the newer RW phones on the 3.0 plans?

Hi @bradw.qekela,

Could you please let us know which of the “If your phone is still not able to make a call on cell” steps you have taken?

I have taken all the steps possible. When I hit the menu in telephone section I don’t have the option to select default as there is no ‘additional settings’ in the moto x caller. I still have no service anywhere.

I’ve been through all of the steps except 1. When I hit the menu in telephone section I don’t have the option to select default as there is no ‘additional settings’ in the moto x caller. I still have no service .anywhere. I’ve been a customer for a long time and this is very very frustrating.

Hi @bradw.qekela,

Thanks for confirming the steps you have already taken. I’ve found the ticket you opened this morning. I’ll add some notes to let the technicians know specifically what steps you have taken, and make sure they are aware of the urgency of this situation.


Just to be absolutely clear, because the documentation makes me think the steps stop before they actually do, did you also take the steps in the section with the green header that says, “Republic 1.0 and 2.0 phones.”

(Update the PRL, wipe the cellular settings, update the profile.)

Also, since it’s a 1.0 phone, did you test in Safe Mode?

yes i reset in safe mode. still no luck after updating apps, the ! is next to the coverage bars and it won’t work on cell service. I am guessing hardware failure but i get no response on service ticket.

I am having trouble starting a new thread on the forum. no new thread button.

I ordered a new moto 5 plus last night. I ordered 7 hours ago and it doesn’t show up on orders, payments and returns making it impossible to cancel order. how do i stop this order?
Is there any advantage from buying direct from RW rather than unlocked from amazon?

the main advantage when ordering from Republic is that Republic should pick the best backbone network for your zip (CDMA {Sprint}[like the Legacy phones] vs GSM {T-Mobile})
the BYOD devices are always GSM at this time (though compatible phones may be reconfigured if coverage on GSM is not good enough (This is done with a help ticket)

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I recently encountered a similar problem with a moto x (1st Gen) and a Moto x (2nd Gen)… We are still troubleshooting that. Would you mind going to Settings, Data usage, three dots top-right, cellular networks and seeing if Data roaming is enabled or disabled? Either way, it will be grayed-out.

Hi @bradw.qekela,

I think it’s possible you are/were not seeing some ticket replies and maybe even the order because of some changes you made on your account.

I see your ticket has a response and is awaiting your reply.

Regardless of the reason you weren’t seeing the order, we don’t have an option to cancel or change orders once they are placed, but you can return the unopened phone under our Money Back Guarantee.

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I am unable to see tickets it tells me that “Our servers are having issues right now. This issue should be resolved shortly. Please wait a moment and try again.” i’ve been trying to check tickets for 2 full days now. seems like lots of problems…

Hi @bradw.qekela,

We’re not experiencing any server outages. Could you possibly try clearing the cache on your browser, or logging in on incognito mode? It’s possible your computer has stored that response page.

i cleared cash still won’t let me look at tickets

just to confirm you are going this this location and still can not see your open tickets (it may ask for a log in ) Republic help open tickets

it works from that link but doesn’t from the tickets shortcut from the invoice and payments screen. [Redacted]


Hi @bradw.qekela,

I’m not sure why that would be, but if you’re able to view them from the link @drm186 provided, that’s good. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

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