Republic Wireless ends iPhone Beta 12/15/20

Thank you, Beta participants!

Today we would like to express our sincere appreciation to our @iphone_beta participants for their involvement in our iPhone Beta test. Any Beta test includes some level of risk, and these Republic Wireless members were willing to take on that risk and accept limited functionality on their iPhones, allowing us to evaluate the possibility of supporting iPhones, study the value we are able to offer iPhone enthusiasts, and make difficult decisions about our direction.

Republic Wireless strives to provide outstanding value to all of our members by offering affordable cellular service with flexible data plans and unique innovations like WiFi calling with seamless handover, Extend Home, and Spam call blocking. Our iPhone Beta allowed us to explore the possibility of iPhone usage despite continuing limitations that prevent a true Republic Wireless experience as well as the complete iPhone experience:

  • Activation of an iPhone on our network includes a list of iPhone features that are not supported
    • voicemail notifications
    • Apple Watch
    • iPhone WiFi calling
    • FaceTime over cellular data
    • Personal hotspotting
    • Certain iMessage features
  • Activation of an iPhone on our network requires a clunky, manual process to update text messaging APNs
  • We are unable to include our iPhone users when we launch innovations that make Republic Wireless different from other carriers such as Extend Home and Spam call blocking

Termination of the iPhone Beta

We have determined that we will serve our members best by ending the iPhone Beta without adding iPhone support to our service. Instead, we hope to continue our focus on providing innovation, superior support, and unmatched value for our Android users.

What this means for our Beta participants

Our iPhone Beta participants have been sent an e-mail explaining that the program will end on 12/15/20. We have a team of dedicated support specialists who will assist them every step of the way as they decide whether to move to Android phones on our network or move their iPhones to another service.

What this means for Republic Wireless

We understand the popularity of iPhone products and we’re flattered that iPhone users are eager to be Republic Wireless members. We appreciate those who helped us make this difficult decision through their participation in our iPhone Beta. We look forward to our tenth year as we continue to offer value, service, and innovation for our Android users, members like Karen C., who recently wrote, “Republic Wireless has saved me lots of money, and it has provided the service I need!”


I want to re-activate my Motp G5 plus, which I was using on RW before the beta. Do I need a new SIM card? Surely I don’t have to buy a new one. I see we were mailed a link to buy a new phone but not on re-using our old phones. Perhaps this was an oversight.
Looking forward to the solution.

Hi @itsdean,

We’ll be glad to send you a new SIM card, and we don’t expect you to have to buy it. I can go ahead and get that order submitted for you. I see that you did reply to the e-mail you were sent, and your question is assigned to our iPhone team, but I’ll reply there just to verify some details before sending the SIM card.

You’ll want to make note of the steps to move the number to the G5 Plus:

As an avid Android user this makes me sad. So many people use iPhones and it’d be great to bring them onto republics service. I’ve been recommending you guys since I joined in the beta days and the lack of iPhone support has always been a hangup. When I saw you guys were opening the beta I was thrilled because soon I wouldn’t be getting a response like “my son uses an iPhone so I guess I’ll have to look at something else, sounds like a good service though”. The fact that you guys couldn’t make it work is a bit disappointing, other mvno’s don’t have the number of restrictions as RW and are in some instances cheaper. Obviously I’ve stuck through a lot with RW and I don’t have any intentions of leaving soon, but I think this is a major opportunity lost.

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