Republic Wireless Help Center and Community Named Top Ten Best Support Website for Second Year in a Row

Each year the Association of Support Professionals (ASP), an organization of leaders in the support and customer service industry, holds a competition to find the Top Ten best support websites. For the second year in a row, Republic Wireless has been named as having one of those top ten sites! :southpawpoms:


Every site that enters the competition is evaluated by a panel of 5 judges against 25 criteria in 5 categories. The categories include: site user experience, content offering, content engagement and interaction, site improvement processes, and site measurement processes.

Companies that enter the competition are split into three categories; small, medium, and large. While we enter the competition as a small company, we’ve been praised as having a site and level of user experience that rivals all three classifications.

The complete list of winners, grouped by size and in alphabetical order

Small Companies
Republic Wireless

Medium Sized Companies

Large Companies
Red Hat

Our “site” consists of both our knowledge base, known as the Help Center, as well as our Member Community. Over the past few years, we’ve made several changes to these two web properties to improve their usefulness and the ability to find various types of information.

Within the Help Center, we’ve added a significant amount of content. In 2017, we introduced a methodology known as Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) which empowers all of our agents to add new content to the Help Center based on answers and verified solutions from actual Help Ticket experiences, in real-time. This content is written in the context of our members to make it easier to understand. With all of this new content comes complexity with being able to find the right information, which led us to make improvements to our search functionality, including surfacing both Help Center and Community content through a unified search, adding the ability to filter out certain search results, and using predictive type-ahead to provide search suggestions as you use the search bar.

In addition to the content and search improvements, we completely redesigned the Help Center at the beginning of this year in an effort to improve the navigation experience, the overall look-and-feel, as well as making our assisted support options (tickets, chats, and expert advice) more accessible. We know everything can’t be solved through a Help article or Community topic, so getting access to a real person is made easier by putting those options in more places across the site. On the backend, we’ve introduced new technology to improve how we route tickets and chats to ensure that your request gets to the right team – with the most knowledge and available resources related to your particular question or issue – in order to get you the most effective help as fast as possible.

One of our most highly rated support channels, aside from our Help Center and Community, is our Republic Wireless Experts. This group of actual Republic Wireless members - not employees - provides a non-biased opinion to prospective members, as well as real-time help to existing members with varying levels of complex questions or issues. This peer-to-peer method mirrors our member-helping-member approach in our Community, and is one of the main pillars of our online support, one that has contributed greatly to our site’s success.

We’re committed to continuously improving our site so we’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you already love about our Help Center and Community and what things you’d like to see us change by commenting below or check out our latest Community challenge.


Thanks for the great service and the continued improvements. you all do a great job.

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