Republic Wireless in India

I live in Chicago but will travel to India for 10 days.
What will I be able to use my phone for in India?

  1. If I don’t buy a local SIM card. Will it give time, able to use the Uber app, email,?
  2. If I buy a local SIM card
  1. You’ll only be able to use Apps if connected to wifi.
  2. As long as the local SIM provides data coverage, you’ll be able to use apps wherever you have data coverage.

This is assuming that you have one of the newer phones and not the Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1, E2 or Defy.

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Thank you. To clarify, I will have to buy a local SIM to be able to use any app – correct?
Or will my present SIM work as long as I’m connected to a local wifi?
And phone calls will not operate, regardless, as they would with AT&T or a larger carrier.

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Forgot - my phone is a Moto G5 Plus

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Hi @mikerossmeier,

To use Republic service on WiFi, your Republic SIM needs to be resident in the phone. To use local cellular service, you need to swap in a local Indian SIM. More here: International Travel with a Republic Phone


On wifi, the phone will work like you were at home. Calls, texts. apps will all work. Outbound calls only to the US and Canada, no local calls.

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Thank you.

You may want to take a look at

The 4G Hotspot should be sufficient if you don’t need local calling…or can get away with
whatsapp or similar app based calling.

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