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I’m traveling to London in the summer and have no idea how to make certain my phone will work over seas. I know I need to get a new SIM card but am unsure what to get, how to use it and if I am still charged by Republic Wireless while I am using a different SIM card. Any help from experienced travelers would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @robk.u0cgi3 and welcome to the Community!

As a starting point, perhaps this will help: International Travel with a Republic Phone.

If after reading that you have further questions, please let us know. In that case, please also let us know the brand, model and generation of the phone you’re currently using with Republic.


Hi @rolandh, thank you for your response. The article was helpful but I am still looking into purchasing a SIM card and want to know the details of how that works. I currently own a Moto G5 Plus. Do I still get charged by Republic Wireless while I am in London using the SIM card? Also, has anyone ever had luck using the GifGaf SIM Card? Thank you!

Hi @robk.u0cgi3,

Thank you for sharing which phone you have! In order to maintain your Republic service (and keep your Republic number), you do need to continue paying for Republic service. Republic service will work outside the U.S. when connected to WiFi but the Republic SIM must be resident in the phone.

Using local (in country) cellular service in the U.K. requires that you swap a local U.K. SIM into your G5 Plus. In other words, it’s not possible to use Republic service on WiFi and local U.K. cellular service at the same time. You’ll choose which to use based on which SIM in the phone. A U.K. SIM comes with a U.K. phone number and if using U.K. cellular service exclusively folks potentially calling you from the U.S. would need to call that U.K. number (which might be expensive for them). Conversely, you may find using Republic service on WiFi to be more cost effective should you need to call home to the U.S. If someone calls your Republic number while the U.K. SIM is in your phone the call goes to voicemail, which you’d be able to retrieve the next time you swapped the Republic SIM back into the phone.

I’ve not used GIffGaff, however, there’s no reason a GiffGaff SIM won’t work for you. I’ve used Three when traveling in the U.K.

An additional question for you is which type of Republic SIM your G5 Plus is provisioned with. Please let us know if it’s GSM or CDMA? Here’s how to tell: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.

I appreciate there’s a lot to consider here, however, you did ask for the details. :slightly_smiling_face:

Again, thank you for the detailed information and explanation. I looked into the type of SIM card my G5 Plus has and it is a CDMA.

Hi @robk.u0cgi3,

In that case, to avoid an unfortunate circumstance that might render Republic service inoperable even on WiFi, you’ll want to acquire a Republic GSM SIM. To be clear, a Republic GSM SIM will not provide cellular coverage outside the U.S. You’ll still want to use GiffGaff or another local provider’s SIM for that.

Please open a ticket and Republic will provide the needed GSM SIM in advance of your anticipated travel. The SIM need not be activated until you’re getting ready to leave. The referenced unfortunate circumstance is mentioned by Republic here:

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