Republic Wireless in Puerto Rico

Wireless cell data does NOT work in Puerto Rico. When I got back to the States I follow instructions from Republic to type in #.#847#.# and it restored back to normal.

There should be coverage in Puerto Rico. Of course the island’s cellular networks still hasn’t quite recovered from the recent devastation. Republic’s GSM partner has largely built a network on low band LTE that not all phones support, which could contribute to coverage issues. Let’s start with the model phone you have. Can you share that?

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I have the G5 Model. It is working with the cell data indicator right now.

On the phone can you please go to the Republic App, hit the gear at the top, and then About. What does it say there for SIM Type?

GSM is the SIM Type

Here’s my guess. The GSM partner, after hurricane Maria rebuilt their network there with far less LTE B4 (which was all they had in PR before the hurricaine) to a network mostly based on B71. The reason they did this is it required rehabilitating far fewer towers because of the vastly increased coverage area of B71 vs B4. Because of this, phones like the G5+ has significant coverage gaps there because they don’t support B71.

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