Republic Wireless is pleased to announce a new Data SIM

Last year it was 20gb for $30. That was a good deal. This year is twice as expensive. Not nearly as good a deal. We used it at a campground in Arizona when we were snowbirds.

So now it’s twice as expensive with half the data?? Usually when a company goes back to the drawing board they put out something better than what was offered previously.

Half the data, same price.

Republic ran a temporary experiment to learn how people use data only SIMs. This experiment was priced in a specific manner to allow them to gather the data they needed. They then did analysis based on that data, to understand how they could sustainably offer a product in the space. The result of that analysis is the current product. Given that the data only SIM Is unrelated to Republic phone service, if a customer does not find it competitive, they can choose from the myriad other options in the market to find an option more suitable to their needs.


Actually at the normal $60 pricing it will be half the data ant double the price and the current Data Sim doesn’t include unlimited 2G data once the 10GB limit is reached.

I was very disappointed when RW announced their new card pricing. What is RW dreaming?


Just because they collected “data” doesn’t mean that their analysis and execution of their new data SIM plan went well. Sure they could see how many people bought the product and how many Gigs were used up, but did they bother to poll/survey people to gather even more info? They could have asked about price, data expiration limits, and if they would like for the plan to auto-renew or not. That’s the kind of data you would not be able to collect just from monitoring usage statistics alone.

I’ve never argued it went well, nor do I have any idea how many they’ve sold, what their goal was or anything else of the sort that would even allow me to gauge if it is going well or terribly.

Having been in similar business for a long time (decades), I can tell you that asking customers about price is largely useless. Costs are what they are. Asking customers about price yields the same thing every time: They want it cheaper, faster, better, regardless of the practicality of such a want. The other part of this is Republic isn’t creating a new market. They know what other providers charge per GB. They know who offers data only service and at what price. They know who has unlimited offerings. The market is rich with data.

Data expiration limits are nothing more than a component of price. People always ask for the same thing, I want it cheap and I want it to never expire. Republic doesn’t have to ask to know that. They also already know that giving the customers what they want here would create a money losing product. The whole data expiration thing was litigated and relitgated at the time of the move from the Refund Plans to the Choice plans.

If they can’t deliver it, why would they ask? You assume that this was a product decision rather than a limitation of a billing system or other such limitation. It’s just not safe to make that assumption.

Price and expiration dates wouldn’t be a free-for-all type thing. Republic isn’t polling customers without context. The first iteration of the data-only plan obviously wasn’t free. It’s a simple question, “Is the price reasonable for the plan we are offering”

As for auto-renew, would it hurt for RW to be forthcoming about this if it isn’t possible? Seems like people would be more willing to accept the limitation. If no communication on the subject it makes RW look incompetent. Assuming the auto-renew is a tech limitation, RW could extend the expiration date to something passed 30 days like they did during their first iteration of the data sim trial.

At the end of the day, $60 for 10 GB is an incredibly poor deal when plans with text, voice, and 10GB+ can be had for a fraction of the cost.

There’s another rather important pricing question customers can’t answer. Is the price sufficiently profitable to continue the offering? If you ask me the extremely aggressive pricing on Republic’s first data SIM offering means the answer to that question then was no, hence they stopped. Time will tell whether the current offering is priced both where folks will want to buy and is sustainably profitable for Republic.

An auto-renew option would require infrastructure be built. Using what amounts to a disposable SIM is a way to get an offering to market without the need to wait for that infrastructure. If Republic finds the offering sufficiently worthwhile to continue it, improvements such as auto-renew can be made.

Data only and all inclusive plans are separate markets for a reason. The types of devices one typically uses a data only SIM in tend to use more data than phones. The reality is if everyone used all the data available to them on their phone plans, the current pricing of those plans might very well be unsustainable.

Let’s just list the facts:
RW Data SIM Pilot Program:
Unlimited Data for 30 days at $30
Unlimited Data for 90 days at $75
Both plans have 20 GB and will throttle down to 2G after that

RW’s DATA SIM relaunch:
10 GB of data for $60 - $30 for limited time - with no fall back to 2G and no option for auto-renew

If the pilot program was not profitable, was the answer to double the price per month and cutting the allotted data in half?

Let’s take a look at current data only plan offerings:

Google Fi - 10 GB for $10
T-Mobile - 2 GB for $10, 6 GB for $25, 10 GB for $40
Tello - 4 GB for $15, 6 GB for $20, 12 GB for $35
RedPocket - 2 GB for $15
Ting - 30 GB for $25
Sprint - 50 GB for $50
Verizon - 8 GB plus 8GB bonus data for $45

Some of those are mobile hotspots, some are data only SIMs and a few offer both options.
How does 10 GB at $60 stack up against those?

You keep saying that, over and over, but that’s not the price right now is it? And you (nor I) have any idea if it will actually get to that price later. If we’re:

Let’s stick to the current facts and then you can correct them later when something else becomes a fact.

Finally, I don’t get the energy spent on this. You’ve pointed out that there are better options out there for you. Why not just use them if they’re so great?


I clearly stated in the first part of my post that the $60 price is not current. RW said it was a promotional offer so what makes you think it’s going to continue to be $30?

Criticism usually comes from a place of concern. I wouldn’t be spending this time if I didn’t care about RW. I’ve always liked RW, especially their emphasis on WIFI and WIFI calling. So when I saw that they were going to be offering their data-only SIM again I was optimistic that it would be competitively priced. Obviously I, and many others, were let down. I’m hoping RW has rethinks this plan. Even at $30 it’s a bit overpriced but I’m willing to pay a bit more because I believe in the mission of RW.

No pricing has yet been doubled. I understand the sticker price is $60 but, to date, Republic isn’t selling its data SIM at $60. We may or may not get there. I’m willing to wait and see.

Fair enough

Fi is offering a data only SIM at $1 per GB? If so, we might as well call it a day and cede the market because no one will be matching that.

As it stands, Republic is undercutting TMO’s 10 GB pricing. Yes, I know it’s a sale price but it’s also today’s reality.

Tello, Ting and Sprint proper are all non-starters for me because well, Sprint’s network is lacking in my area.

If one prices out Red Pocket for 10 GB based on your noted 2 GB for $15, that’s $75 and not particularly competitive.

Surprisingly, on the surface, the Verizon offering looks attractive but what’s with the bonus data gimmick? Why isn’t it simply 16 GB for $45?

The bottom line is this is the beauty of a free market. One may choose what works best for them and that need not be Republic.

Comparing to the current Republic prices as we don’t have any idea if or when the price will leave the promotional period.

Where is this offer? Fi remains $10 for 1GB, not $10 for 10GB

More expensive than the current Republic price at all levels

Pretty much the same as Republic ($/GB)

More expensive than the current Republic price

Pretty much a wash although in my area the deprioritized Verizon data that comes with this plan is useless due to network congestion (its why my experiment with Visible ended so quickly)

I’d note that the really attractive prices are on Sprint’s network. That’s a hard pass for me.

All that said, I’m done with this topic now. :slight_smile:

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LOL… Using YOUR data the current price beats 4 of the 7 providers you listed and was within cents of the 5th. So, your definition of “competitive” is being the cheapest?

I agree. Republic is offering data at $3/GB and folks are running around screaming about what a terrible deal it is and that it isn’t competitive, despite the fact that it is well within the average pricing in the market.

I guess that’s me. I went back and fixed it noting that again, it’s another plan Republic is currently competitive with. Thanks for catching that.

You’re going to have to edit your post when RW ends their $30 promotion. Yes, at $60 its criticism is well warranted.

Will be happy to do so at that time. Until that happens, every one of my points stands.

“your SIM will expire and you will need to purchase a new Data SIM card.”… Would it be better do have “install” instead of “purchase”?

I’m fine with the disposable vs rechargable concept, and will pick a pair up for future internet outages. Hmm. Wonder what options there are for a USB type c to Ethernet adapter.

I’ve updated the top post in this topic to indicate that our Data SIM card is now available from

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